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COVID-19 Gave Me An Empty Theater For My Screening Of The Hunt

When they told me that this film was going to be removed from release without any hope on a new date I played it cool. I believed that it would only be temporary. A few months later, I was beginning to lose faith. All of a sudden, the trailer drops again online and we have a new date. Now that the world is being impacted by the coronavirus outbreak the stores are understocked, the schools are closed and the roads are empty. Screens are being closed and it's only a matter of time till they all are for the time being.

I walked into an empty theater and had the experience of The Hunt all to myself. The premise of the movie is one that I've seen in others like Red State for example. What I was hoping for was that this movie would take risks and I'm glad that it did. If this was just another one-sided, let's make this group look like fools and that group look like geniuses, I would have been disappointed. What you actually get is an even-handed pox on both their houses. Liberal Elites are hunting Right-Wing extremists. Usually, it would be the other way around. Usually, you'll see the Right Wing as uneducated and the liberals as the smart hero victims. The way this film was written made both sides look smart, heroic, dumb and cowardly depending on the character. There was good and extremely bad on both sides. Both sides' negative and positive stereotypes were heavily displayed in a campy comical fashion.

Betty Gilpin was not my favorite actress as her career was coming up. I judged a book by its cover when I decided she was not my favorite character in Nurse Betty. I was underwhelmed when she was cast in GLOW, but the more and more I became exposed to her talent the more I realized it is because she is such a great actress that I didn't like her character on Nurse Betty and why I adore her in GLOW. She becomes these characters and the personality becomes real. I've explained more of this in my video review please check it out to get a full picture of my admiration of Betty's performance and why I think Hilary Swank and Gilpin's chemistry was perfect in this film.


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