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Black Voters: Joe Biden Is Family

On February 28, 2020 as black history month comes to an end T3Medias is officially endorsing Joseph Biden for President of the United States.

As a black man who heads his own media platform, respecting the views and opinions of my fellow Americans I was torn between the people I wanted to see run from the ones I believed could win. Since day one Joe Biden was and is the one Donald Trump fears the most. This is a message to my fellow American, my fellow Democrats, Liberals, Moderates and Progressives. Simply put, this is not the time to mess around. This is one of the most unpopular presidents of all time. Any one of the people running against him would make a better president but I am afraid of the loyalist that will become so hurt that their person did not get the nomination will turn the party against itself. This is what the party of Trump wants.

Joe Biden has a hold on the majority of the black vote for a reason but it was not till Clyburn made his speech in South Carolina that I was moved to get my Texas on and vote for my original choice, Joe Bidon. He is trusted and loved. As Vice President his heart has been on display for years and the people of the black community know they are in good hands with him because he's stood with us. Trump fears of the Biden and Obama family coming out to fight against him. With all of the failures Trump has managed to accomplish in just four short years the last thing Donald wants to see is a Biden/Obama machine coming to clean up his disasters. I struggled with the reality of Sanders being the front runner and the accusations of Bernie Bros acting in bad faith against anyone who criticizes his campaign but the reality is all presidential candidates have their followers who go too far and make the candidate look bad. I am asking that the Bernie Bros, The Elizabeth Warriors and the Pete Patrol keep one thing in mind. The Democratic Nominee, whomever they will be, will have more in common with your goals and aspirations for the country than Donald Trump.

Let's get real. Joe is family; like an uncle that has always been there to help out the family through the ups and downs. I won’t turn my back on my family. If Biden is not the democratic nominee I will give my all to whoever earns that position. I want Joe there because I know he will put the country on the right path he helped pave when he was our Vice President. Joe Biden is a man who promises to be wise with a heart open wide. There’s no other candidate who coincides with my heart as Joe Biden and my support will follow the beat.


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