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Bernie Sanders Is Tupac: Will He Spark The Progressive Movement?

by Christopher Fagan

Most progressives are mad that Bernie could lose the nomination to Joe Biden. Is it the establishment's fault? No. They can not force me to vote for or against Biden or Sanders. The Establishment began to lose faith in Biden until he won Sout Carolina. So let's not act like the voters are not speaking when they obviously are. I think the Progressive movement is the future. I just do not think Bernie Sanders is the one to see it through.

To me, Bernie is like that old Tupac Shakur quote "I will not change the world but I will spark the brain of the one who will". Bernie Sanders is a man in his late 70's who's suffered some health scares but his ability to capture the youth vote is outstanding. The YouTubers over at TYT are saying that the establishment is dying out. This may be true but they are not dead and the black vote has something to say. My advice does not sacrifice your appeal to the black vote by fighting against the establishment. You agree with a majority of what your fellow Dems are saying in the establishment, beat Trump and wait your turn.

I think Bernie is the foundation that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez will build on. Whether you like it or not, that dying establishment is still alive and outnumbering the progressives but I think that the time is coming, in 2024 or 2028 AOC will become the first elected female to the office of president. Until that day Trump has shown his hand, he does not fear running against a Democratic Socialist, but he feared Biden so much he risked impeachment. Learning from how Trump can read political moods this should have been the clearest signal that Biden is the best person to beat Trump. Maybe Bernie would have been the best person to exact change but if the will of the people are not ready to take that medicine acting in a toxic manner won't help the cause.

AOC has the time, the youth, the voice, the mind, and yes the look (same was said about Obama). Like it or not tall people and attractive people have won. Ask Bill Clinton and JFK. AOC has that same draw but she's a million times better positioned because she is a kick-ass woman who commands the respect she damn well deserves. So even if I were just a knuckle-dragging guy who only wanted to talk to AOC because I found her physically appealing, that notion is immediately taken over from the power of her words and the beauty of her mind. Yes, I noticed her because I'm a typical guy and said "Wow who is she" but trust me if it were not for her mind I would be gone. The reason why I'm risking the wrath of the MeToo or Cancel culture by complimenting her on her look is that this is part of the fear that the republicans had at her election to congress. They know she's brilliant and her youth and physical appearance will make people take pause and the opposition to the progressive movement are terrified that she will draw more people in than Bernie ever could. AOC is the mind that Bernie will spark to see the Progressive dream to reality.


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