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Advertise Your Business w/Talking Through The Medias

We are Talking Through The Medias (T3Medias) and yes we know that the plural for the medium is media not "medias". Maybe it was a joke or maybe we figured it out after the fact. That's not the point. We began a few years ago as a group of friends who love to talk about movies, television shows, and trending topics. Today we've expanded our pass time into a YouTube channel that covers weekly entertainment news, movie reviews, reactions, and community Q & A segments.

Every week we cover the top trending topics in entertainment news live on our youtube channel. It is a fun, family-friendly environment hosted by Christopher Fagan and Amy Newman. From Box Office results to current developments with the effects of the pandemic on theaters, to reviews up new releases on streaming platforms and upcoming events/shows. We try to cover it all. Our audience is ever-growing and always involved when it comes to questions, comments and suggestions that we respond to during our weekend show called We Got Your Mail.

We are now seeking sponsorship from businesses that have similar interests or services that work for our viewers. The majority of our viewers, according to the analytics, are between the ages of 25 - 40. Our views average over 100k plus per month and growing. For those of you who are seeking to have our host advertise your product or services on our show here is what it would look like.

Talking Through The Medias with Amy and Chris is a 30-minute show, we take a few minutes to lay out how people can watch and contribute to the channel, then we cover three topics from the week. We end the show by responding to a question from the audience. Where advertisements can come in at the beginning of the show, explaining that the current episode of is sponsored giving 30 seconds to a minute of promotion if our sponsor can provide a script to be read that would be even better as we would not want to misrepresent. We calculated our Cost Per Impression based on if you are looking to have your advertisement read in one video, throughout the week or per month.

If you would like to reach out to our editor regarding advertisement please contact

Christopher Fagan or @t3medias


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