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Adventures in La La Land, ain't that the truth.

Adventures in La La Land is the perfect title for my life and also the youtube channel I've just launched with Amanda Pierson and Bethany Regan. I'm an Australian actress who took the big leap to move to Los Angeles and pursue the dream and every day is definitely an adventure. To kick start our youtube channel we've launched 3 videos called 'Disney Divas', the series is fun, clever and of course very entertaining. Disney Divas has the princesses navigating the real world and you also get to see them bicker amongst each other in their fantasy world. The Channel is worth a watch and I'm not just saying that because I helped create it. Adventures in La La Land will be producing lots of content, not just Disney based so check it out and subscribe! To keep up with my adventures follow my social media.

Instagram @emmalpotts

Twitter @emmapotts24


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