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Yeeted A Whole Bear To Rescue Dogs - Nike Backs Naomi Osaka Over French Open #193


1. From Complex: The apparent archival newspaper photos, which feature the caption “Elizabeth Claire Kemper, as the 1999 Veiled Prophet Queen of Love and Beauty, is attended by her pages,” resurfaced when a Twitter user asked why nobody explained that Ellie was crowned “KKK queen” in 1999. While the event doesn’t have Ku Klux Klan ties, Black Lives Matter activists have looked at it as symbolizing racist power structures in the city. The Veiled Prophet is selected by “a secret board of local elites,” and then picks out his Queen of Love and Beauty among a group of women. Kemper has yet to respond to the controversy.

2. From The CNN: Nike (NKE) and other major sponsors have come out in support of tennis star Naomi Osaka following her decision to withdraw from the French Open. The sports apparel giant — who signed a sponsorship deal with Osaka in 2019 — applauded the athlete in a statement on Monday for opening up about her struggle with depression. "Our thoughts are with Naomi. We support her and recognize her courage in sharing her own mental health experience," Nike said. Osaka's decision to pull out of the competition came after the tournament, also called Roland Garros, fined her $15,000 for not speaking to the media following her first-round match on Sunday. Citing mental health reasons, the four-time major champion announced on Twitter last Wednesday that she would not participate in any news conferences at the tournament. Announcing her subsequent decision to withdraw, she revealed that she has "suffered long bouts of depression" since winning her first Grand Slam title in 2018.

3. From TikTok bakedlikepie: My cousin Hailey yeeted a bear off her fence today and saved her dogs. How was your Memorial Day?! (WTF?!) #ohno#badass#brave#fight#bear


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