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Wonder Woman 84 - Best Of T3Medias In 2020 - Hilaria Baldwin - Ep. 164


The Hilaria Baldwin responded to accusations that she’s been faking her Spanish accent and cultural roots in an Instagram video on Sunday stating the following, “My family is white. Ethnically, I’m a mix of many, many many things. Culturally, I grew up with two cultures, so it’s really as simple as that.” Alec Baldwin took to Twitter in defense of his wife, calling out the person who made the tweet thread, stating that people have to hack their ways through the debris and that the platform is a vast orchid of crap. Admitting to having added to the orchid in the past himself on other topics. Hilaria Baldwin confirmed she was in fact born in Boston and raised partially in both Boston and Spain.

During the Christmas holiday weekend, the two main films on everyone’s radar were Pixar and Disney’s Soul and Warner Brothers Wonder Woman 1984. Many people, before seeing either were extremely excited to see the Amazon princess starring Gal Gadot, directed by Patty Jenkins but as mixed reviews came out the attention started to shift back towards Disney’s platform since most of the reviews of its latest release were more positive. Rotten Tomatoes currently has Wonder Woman 84 at a 62% critic rating while Soul enjoys a certified fresh at 95%.

Soul & Wonder Woman 1984 were the top movies to stream or see in theaters over the 2020 Christmas weekend. What did you watch first? #ww84 #soul #disneyplus #hbomax

42 votes

I watched WW84 in theaters 🎟️


I watched Soul on Disney+


I watched WW84 on HBOMAX 📺


I have not seen either


So 2020 has been one of the worst years ever but it is also the year that Talking Through The Medias (and yes we know there isn’t supposed to be an S at the end. It’s a joke) more than doubled the size of the community with additions to the team, the return to a live weekly show and making sure that you (the community) are always center of it all with shows like We Got Your Mail and We Got Your Vote. Now let's take a look at the last 365 days and put a spotlight on the topics, reviews, and reactions that got the most attention.


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