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Who Is Amy Newman? Meet The Latest Host On The John Campea Show

A lot of you may be asking this question. Who is Amy Newman? If you are a follower of the Church of John Campea then you were introduced to her for the first time on July 5, 2022, when she filled in for Kris Carr who is out due to COVID. I've known Amy for years but I had a feeling a lot of you guys, my fellow members of the Campea classroom, would be curious.

Take a look at her IMDb, Amy Newman was born on January 23, 1992, in Burbank, California, USA. She is an actress and writer, known for Adam's Package (2019), T3Medias (2013), and ALL CAPS Comedy (2016).

Okay, let's fill in some more details. On my youtube channel T3Medias, I started working with co-hosts who could help take my weekly entertainment new talk to the next level. When I first saw Amy during a comedy sketch where she played the female Joe Biden there was something about her delivery and comedic skill that I could not ignore. At the time I was introduced through a mutual friend who also worked at my channel and met Amy.

When Amy agreed to help co-host my channel, it was just before the pandemic hit. With little to no work for most people, it was easier to convince this amazing talent to take a chance on me. This became the best collaboration the channel had. Amy helped me focus on the direction of the show and brought extremely much knowledge and creativity that I myself just did not possess. The channel quickly grew from two thousand followers at a time to four, then quickly to eight thousand and then some. I knew very quickly that she was the missing piece to the puzzle and immediately requested that she become equal partners with the channel. She agreed, that though she has a lot of other opportunities that take priority, she is what makes T3Medias, now known as T3Media Studios, great. Amy Newman makes anything she is a part of better and her light shines so bright that I am convinced we are watching the beginning stages of what people eventually refer to as "history in the making".

From her hilarious sarcastic jabs to me on our live show, to the amazing intros that come with heartwarming compliments, to the educational moments she brings to me and the viewers. Amy Newman is like gravity, a force of happiness that, if you're lucky enough to be caught in the pull, will not only make you feel better, you'll eventually be better with each second that passes.

I am truly happy and excited to see her bring this light to the John Campea show community and am 100% convinced it will continue to shine. Please look up Amy Newman, show her support as she guest hosts on the John Campea show, and catch her on our Youtube channel T3Media Studios. Oh, you can thank her for making me take the S from the end of Media. It really bugged her.

Thank you, Amy for making me better

- Chris Fagan


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