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Were My Viewer RIGHT About #JohnCampea?, #SAG vs SCABS, & #Barbenheimer


From Tiktok: It looks like we have had our first strikebreakers, seemingly. Andra Gogan is listed as a Youtuber from Romania but has done voiceover work for studios that are members of the AMPTP. Then, after the strike began, chose to attend a premiere of Disney’s The Haunted Mansion even though the actors did not.

From Tiktok: Influencer, Julian Green aka Straw Hat Goofy, posted a tone-def sketch justifying taking an all-expenses paid trip to a London premiere of Oppenheimer, justifying it later by saying, he’s not a member of SAG nor plans to be and that he might as well get paid while we wait for the Producers to cave. He’s since deleted the video and has completely changed his tone. Are they SCABS or Strikebreakers in your opinion?

From: Were the viewers right about The John Campea Show? John Campea has made many changes to the channel in recent months. Announcing contests, ending collaborations, ending live streams, creating paywalls, and officially becoming a podcast. We’ve heard from many current and former followers saying that the changes were too “All over the place” and eventually he’ll go back to the way it was and pretend nothing has happened. Do you think right?

MOVE & TV REVIEWS (Early movie review Wednesday)

Ted Lasso Season One Review

Barbie (Early Reviews) From The Hollywood Reporter, The domestic weekend box office tracking for Barbie is $110 million.

Oppenheimer (Early Reviews) is projected to reach $49 million

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