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Warner Brothers Responds To Christopher Nolan - Ep 161

Deadline: Mario Lopez Stirs Up ‘A Recipe For Seduction’ As KFC’s Colonel Sanders In New Lifetime Mini-Movie. Why did the chicken cross the road? To see Mario Lopez act as Kentucky Fried Chicken’s Colonel Sanders on Lifetime, of course. On Monday, Lifetime turned heads when it announced an unusual casting for an even odder title. The network shared a poster on Twitter promoting its new “original mini-movie,” A Recipe For Seduction. The Lifetime original mini-movie follows a young heiress as she struggles to pick between a rich suitor selected by her mother and the new house chef, Harland Sanders who brings more than his 11 herbs and spices secret recipe to the table.

LA Times: AT&T Inc. Chief Executive John Stankey on Tuesday defended the company’s industry-shaking decision to put Warner Bros.’ entire 17-film slate on the streaming service, HBO Max, next year, saying it “needed to try something different” to respond to the pandemic. The decision to release movies — including potential hits such as “Dune” and “Matrix 4" — on HBO Max as soon as they hit theaters has shaken Hollywood in an unprecedented way, with some filmmakers and experts believing the decision will do irreparable damage to the traditional film exhibition business. Warner Bros. partners, including theater chains and production companies such as Legendary Entertainment, also were taken aback by the decision to put movies directly onto the streaming service at no extra charge. Movie theater giant AMC Entertainment blasted WarnerMedia’s HBO Max decision last week, saying the company clearly intended to sacrifice studio profits to “subsidize its HBO Max startup.”

Entertainment Weekly: Letitia Wright responds to anti-vaxxer claims after sharing a controversial COVID-19 vaccine video. Wright said she didn't mean to hurt anyone after sharing a video questioning the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine. Engaging with multiple user accounts online, Wright further stated she wasn't suggesting to take the COVID-19 vaccine, just that she was "concerned about what's in it." She added, "I think it’s valid and fair to simply ask what’s in it." Marvel movie actors came out in droves on social media recently to defend colleague Chris Pratt for attending a church with a history of making homophobic remarks. In Wright's case, co-workers have remained largely silent on the matter as of Friday.


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