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The Guardian 2006

There's a movie called The Guardian starring Ashton Kutcher And Kevin Costner. So basically Kevin Costner is like the old dog like he's been doing the Coast Guard things for a long time and then came out in 2006 simply. So basically he's like he's had all these like records like he saved a lot of people. He's done like all these records and training and he's like, he's like all the records and ask Richard comes in things like a hotshot because he was a swimmer and all that. And he comes in there thinking trying to beat all the records and then Kevin Costner is like that's not what this is about and like this is just about people and save them then like but then one day come across like forget it, let's have a beat the records day.

And then like Ashton's coaches he just like after a while he's like, okay I get what you're saying. Like I'm tired of doing this trying to be all your records now. And then just it was a very impactful movie that gives you kind of like inside about what they go through the Coast guard. Like it's really dangerous because they're going out there and storm some people are like their boats about the sink or whatever and or people who are like been stranded out in the middle of the water and it's a very dangerous job trying to just gives you inside about what they go through and how they trained for this. And so what was it, what was it about this movie? That's why he says it's become your favorite movie. Like. Well it's just it's one of my favorites like I like the message about and then I don't know if I should spoil it or not.

I don't want to spoil the ending. But I don't know just like I feel like the story of it was good and just like just one point. Well, Aston Kutcher asked Kevin Costner what's your number? He wants to know how many people he saved. And he tells him like seven. He goes, well that's not bad. I expected like 200 something like that. He knows seven dozen other people that I've lost Its only number thought that I would keep track of because that's the ones I failed or such that she tells him. And just it's about just putting their lives on the line for other people, like their real-life heroes They're out there trying to save people who like have been left behind from everybody else and they're like their last chance to live again and start over whether it's like their boat got their boats about to central, they just got stranded.

You know like out in the water somehow and they're always like their last hope to like come and save them in. Like I want to tell more but I know if I spoil the ending of it but it's a really good movie and I would say go check it out see what you think. Like I heard some I saw it years ago I was like this movie's amazing outside of the embassy. It's definitely one of my favorite movies. And so I really love the movie and I like the message that has for everything. Jamison, Have you ever seen this movie? Yeah, I've seen The Guardian. I think I watched it and I watch it before I joined the Navy. Yeah because I was looking into I wanted to be a pilot and I was watching it and looking to see how are you going to be a pilot and how are you going to be a pilot in the Navy?

Shouldn't you have joined the Air Force? No. The interesting top gun. Yeah. He was in the Air Force. No no those are Navy pilots who agree to disagree What do you think they do on aircraft carriers? It's like Uber it's like Uber for the military for the marine now. So I was checking out the different helicopters and stuff because the Coast Guard, they have some of the best helicopters but I was watching seeing the conditions that they flying and I mean they have some pretty intense scenes in The Guardian as far as like people on shipwrecks. Like how brutal, yeah, showing how brutal the c can be how much effort it takes to save someone when you're out there. And like you got a 20 ft 30 ft. I mean, those are probably smaller waves for if you're in the middle of the ocean but you know, he's dropping down into the water, swimming in this stuff.

And you know, you mentioned they were he's breaking all the records and stuff and he's swimming in the pool. And I remember him saying something like, all right now go try that in the ocean. You know with the waves going When I was in the navy. I went through training like water survival training specifically, like training how if you're in a helicopter or plane and it crashes in the water, like how you're supposed to survive. So we had to do something like swimming The last thing we have to do is we had to swim for like in a circle for an hour in our flight gear And I mean, it's tough. I mean, what I came to realize is like if you fall off a ship or off a plane and you have your boots on and you don't have a life vest, you're pretty much screwed, You know?

But I mean, he's but we did all these tests in a pool and very controlled environment. And it's like man, it's hard enough doing it in that kind of environment But imagine falling into the ocean where the water is cold, you got all your clothes on, you weren't expecting it. You may land in a weird angle like you've got seconds before you're gone. And and and you know, you got all the waves and stuff and so it's like they're doing all these rescue swims and there are people out there like today, you know, doing this stuff. And it's mostly the Coast Guard that saves people when it comes to the rescues. So very very intense job, very physical job. A lot of respect for those guys A lot of respect. Yeah. It's like like one of the training scenes there in the pool, basically, they have like the newcomer like get in the pool and then they like, they like one of the vendors coming like act like they're drowning behind them and like freaking out and see how to respond to like like a person trying to rescue is freaking out there.

Like grabbing your mask, pulling your mask sound, how can respond, basically want to see how you respond under that pressure when you're a newcomer. And basically going to pull out Like they're like the person who's grabbing the rescue swimmers like to drown E and see how they would want to react in that situation since will pass or fail. He didn't, He didn't he like Punch one of the guys? Yeah, he like they're like the second time he did it, he like just threw an elbow in the guy's face like I'm rescue something I'm here to rescue. And he pulls them out to the side of the pool and he's like good job, good job. You did well. He breaks his nose and the dudes are all mad. He's like, yeah well you're alive, aren't you?


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