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The Flash Movie Set Reveals Sasha Calle & Michael Keaton #197

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1. MOVIE NEWS From SCREEN RANT: Fans get their best look yet at Sasha Calle's full Supergirl suit in new set images for The Flash. Ezra Miller first made his DCEU debut as Barry Allen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Miller will take center stage in The Flash, but the inclusion of several big-name DC heroes has inspired a great deal of excitement among fans. For one thing, the project will include two Batmans - Ben Affleck's and Michael Keaton's. The Flash will also serve as the introduction for the DCEU's Supergirl. Newcomer Sasha Calle will take to the skies for this film, and her costume has been revealed through various official teases and set videos.

2. TV/Streaming News From Disney Plus: Loki Episode 3

3. Why Is That Trending on TikTok From @tonyellismartinez: This TikTok only has one video posted on his account with over five million views for a video just titled “Just”. Here’s why.

O N T H E P A N E L: ▶ Chris Fagan @chrisfagan1980 ▶ Ariana @rosessinn ▶ Al Seward @Dark Side Reviews


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