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The Fast And The Furious X - Spoiler Bullets Review

Spoiler Bullet Review of Fast and Furious X

  • The movie is two and a half hours long.

  • The movie is too convoluted.

  • It is full of plot holes.

  • Some things just don't make sense.

  • Dom and his crew are now superheroes.

  • They can never get hurt or die.

  • If you die, you can come back alive (like Han).

  • There is a threat from the past.

  • The villain is the son of the main villain from Fast Five.

  • The villain is only focused on Dom.

  • Universal spoiled the ending before the movie came out.

  • The Rock and Vin Diesel had beef.

  • The Rock wanted to get paid more.

  • Vin Diesel is the main producer now.

  • Dom Toretto is now Superman.

  • The rolling bomb ball scene was too long.

  • Jason Momoa's character is crazy.

  • He talks to himself and his henchman.

  • The movie is over the top and ridiculous.

  • The team travels to Tokyo, London, and Edinburgh.

  • The editing is too choppy.

  • The music is too loud.

  • The action scenes are too long.

  • There are too many slow-motion shots.

  • The movie is too predictable.

  • Some of the dialogue is cheesy.

  • Michelle Rodriguez's character is underutilized.

  • Charlize Theron's character is a weak villain.

  • There is no real emotional payoff.

  • The ending sets up a sequel.

  • The movie is enjoyable if you don't take it seriously.

  • It's not the best Fast and Furious movie.

  • Jason Momoa's character was anti-family

  • Cypher had more action scenes in Fast 10

  • Jason Momoa's character was not a typical villain

  • Jason Momoa infiltrated government agencies and planned this ambush for years.

  • There was a real race in the movie, which was something fans were looking forward to.

  • Jason Momoa wins the race and brags about it to Don's son.

  • Don always wins races, but Jason Momoa cheats to win.

  • The plot of the movie is reminiscent of Avengers: Infinity War.

  • The Rock is in an end-credit scene.


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