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Talking Through The Medias on YouTube, Blog, Podcast & More

Talking Through The Medias weekly show will become a shooting star stream starting November 4th episode 156. This means we will live stream the main show, we got your mail, we got your vote, then Talking Through The Medias After Dark in one sitting. Once the live stream is completed the show will immediately be set to private and each segment will be divided and scheduled for their set days of the week. Talking through the medias after dark segments will only be available for members after live-streaming. This will give none members a chance to catch everything for free during the live stream only. Subscribers can still send topics on our contact page on the T3Medias blog or @t3medias on social media. We will still pick questions & comments from social media, superchats, tips or a select few from video comments (In The Box) for We Got Your Mail.

Those of you who want to send questions for us to read during any live stream will be prompted to use superchats or streamlabs tips. If you want access to exclusive content such as Talking Through The Medias After Dark and updates should become members of our T3Medias YouTube channel.

Patreon is changing. It will no longer feature monthly tiers. People who want to pay for advertising on the show or just send a one-time donation for support can use our T3Medias Patreon. It will just be a place for one time donations or sponsorship fees for those who want to advertise on the show. Tiers will return for those who want to advertise continuously.

Talking Through The Medias will soon be transitioning to Streamlabs OBS. Streamlabs can incorporate widgets to alert us during the stream & display them on the screen for everyone to see when we get a message, new member, or subscriber. That makes it fun for us and the audience to see their contribution display in real-time. This will also guarantee that host will give our community shout-outs during the show.

The last Wednesday of each month will feature a guest host. Have an entertainer that you feel would be a great fit to let them know about us or suggest them to us by email. Podcast versions of Talking Through The Medias will only feature the main show, reviews, and a new show by JFS The Reviewer which will cover movies and wrestling talk. More details coming soon.


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