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Tabatha's Reactions To John Campea's Toilet Story

On the John Campea show podcast, John tells his viewers of the many times he would go to the bathroom, and when at dates home, would kneel down to angle himself to urinate inside of the side of the toilet bowl to prevent people from hearing him pee.

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"What brought up this whole conversation? It was a story about how, when I was young and I'd be dating a girl, if I'd be at the girl's house and her family's there and I need to go to the bathroom, I wouldn't want them to hear me pissing, right? So what I would do, oh God, I, this is so stupid. I would get down on my knees in front of the toilet to make sure, you know, take Mr. Biggie Lop it over the side of the bowl and make sure I pointed it to the waterless part of the bowl so it would silently stream and go down. My knees would get very sore, but so it would. So, I get down on my knees so I didn't want, you know, the girl I was dating's parents to hear me pissing in their bathroom, right? They knew what you were doing in there, though. I like to operate silently or piss in the shower. So here's the thing, here's the thing. Though one of the people in the comment section a little bit later as I was reading the comments of that day's show said, just curious, why didn't you just sit on the bowl like you were gonna poop and just aim that way instead of getting on the knees? And I, that to me, I was like FUCK! Why didn't I do that? That is way smarter. So yeah, I was needlessly, for years, getting down on the bathroom floor on my knees so I could pee. Then there was one guy in the comments, why didn't you just sit on the bowl and do it that way?"


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