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Superman & Lois: Erasing The Arrowverse

Let me tell you why Superman & Lois will totally replace or retcon the Arrowverse in The CW. this show was interesting and felt like they are retconning Supergirl specifically. they never mention Supergirl at all. the whole concept of superman raising two boys and worrying whether or not they're going to manifest powers is our main focus. The last we saw superman, he was leaving Supergirl to protect the Earth so he could have children with Lois. How much time has passed?

Imagine Smallville Without The Villain Of The Week

Lois and Clark decide to raise their sons in Clark's hometown of Smallville and at times this show felt like an extension of the Tom Welling version of Smallville if all the things that Clark went through in that series didn't happen. like if he never met lex during that time or if he just never went through all the adventures and meeting all of those big villains, like doomsday and friends like Aquaman and Flash. Taking those elements away but keeping the minor details like when he first got his abilities to shoot his heat vision. So it feels like this version of Superman or Clark, kept all of the things that helped him develop into the Man of Steel but removing the extra nonsense such as a villain of the week and the issues with lex and his father. take metropolis and meeting Lois at the Daily Planet, the ways it should have been, then move around some other minor details in the timeline like that whole thing when tom willing caught Lois when she fell off the ladder and stuff they said that he went through in High School.

Deep. Not Just Dark.

Supergirl began on a different network on CBS and everything then got pulled into The CW and it just did not fit, meaning the tone of that show just does not fit in the Arrowverse. flash is very lighthearted in comparison to the arrow and the Arrowverse but it's the tone around him, everything around The Flash fits. he is a lighthearted character in a dark world so it still fits. this superman and Lois show is deep, not just dark but deep even though they started the show off so lighthearted.

Best Line: “Thanks, My Mom Made It!”

Hey one of my favorite lines in this episode was in the beginning when he had they showed him wearing his old school costumes from the action comic days. Superman saves a little boy and the kid says “Nice costume” and superman says “thanks my mom made it” such a straight-up boy scout. This show, in the first five minutes, showed Superman evolving, falling in love with Lois and fighting to save lives, and showing us all the superman's from different eras. I wouldn't have been surprised if we'd have got that mullet superman but we didn't. now this current suit is very much Henry Cavill's suit it's damn near close to it. they're damn near identical pretty much.

Either They’re Erasing Supergirl Or This Is 2035?

Superman is still light-hearted he's still optimistic but you can tell he's a father now he's got that dad look in his eyes. he's worried constantly but is he doing the right thing? is he being a good dad? is he being a good man? is he doing what he has to do? I feel like they are doing justice to the superman CW version now and maybe ignoring Supergirl is not a bad idea. the problem is we've already got him introduced in supergirl and then it feels like 15-year later and we're still in the modern-day. Either this is the year 2035 or maybe everything in supergirl was happening in 2010 maybe and maybe this is 2025. maybe they'll explain it because I don't honestly feel like they're going to ignore that he met Black Lightning and all of the other Supermen.

More Flight, Some Tights

they really got some work to do with superman and this is a good way to start it off. As much as I liked the action, what I liked more about this show was Clark. I didn't buy him as Clark at first I totally buy him as Clark now. they made this feel like a movie. they put some HBO max money into this one now that could be a good thing. you got them hooked in but what if episode 2 is a step down in quality? then I'm going to be disappointed. what I'm looking for is for them to focus more on the Smallville side of this he might have some things to do as superman. I'm not surprised that they're canceling everything they're probably starting over from scratch. when flash ends if this show continues this probably won't be called the Arrowverse anymore they might be creating a whole new universe superman.


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