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Sonic The Hedgehog Movie: The Genesis Of Video Game Movie Successes

Despite the marketing I took this movie for what it was. Overall, I had fun with it. I immediately thought if you’re a Sonic The Hedgehog fan you’ll love this movie. You’re going to love the inside jokes and Easter eggs. If you’re a fan of family fun, you’re not going to be disappointed. You know this movie is safe whether you’re a kid at heart or with the kids.

Starting with the visuals, if you’re a geek for CGI you will look at this and notice that the special effects did not blend that well. I wonder if it was because of the change to Sonic that was made mid production. When the director decided to change sonic to look more traditional i wonder if the edges around the character was not as smooth as it was in the original take. The decision to change the character probably did make core sonic fans happy and got them to come out. I’m not a fan of directors allowing the audience to dictate their vision but in this one special situation I'm glad the change was made for two reasons. One, when I saw the original design, sonic did not look like an alien from space coming out to visit earth. It looked like an earth hedgehog that was mutated and raised to fight crime. Two, it obviously made people happy which made them want to see it and spread the word.

Jim Carry was plucked from his peak in the 90’s right out of his In Living Color days into this movie. I’m not saying this is the best he’s ever done or will do but this is a franchise that will go down as one of his best performances and that is saying a lot. The back and forward between Sonic and Tom was heart warming. Over all the good enjoyment factor totally out ways any of the bad. You’ll really have to want to focus on the bad to want to not enjoy this film. Its the kind of movie where you just sit back and enjoy the corniness, the campy stuff and the cheesy.

After Detective Pikachu, Sonic and the news of a sequel to Tomb Raider, I believe we are on the verge of great video game movies. This could be the indicator that the curse of bad video game film adaptations is over.


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