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Some Across The Spider-Verse Fans Are Convinced GWEN is TRANS


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Spider-Verse fans see Gwen Stacy as a TRANS Character


Gwen Stacy’s support for transgender people is a stand-out detail that’s impossible to ignore.

Superheroes who are queer are often addressed obliquely, mostly in postscript interviews and only in the faintest gestures on-screen.

In the wake of the movie’s success, fans have pointed out that Gwen is literally and symbolically depicted as a trans ally.

The movie’s artists drew a “protect trans kids” flag in her room.

Gwen’s flag signals that in her world, trans kids are being targeted and this issue is important enough to her to take up space on her bedroom walls.

Gwen’s father, policeman George Stacy, wears a transgender flag on his uniform.

Artists in Across the Spider-Verse drape Gwen in the colors of the transgender flag - light pink, light blue, and white. These colors are especially pronounced when Gwen is in her own world, where the artistic conceit is that the colors around her reflect her feelings.

Gwen never explicitly identifies as transgender or cisgender on-screen, but the symbolism of the colors cannot be denied.

The artists deliberately put the “protect trans kids” flag in Gwen’s room

For fans, Gwen’s support for trans people and her possible identity as trans or an ally is something special about her character that cannot be taken away.

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