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Snow White Live Action BACKLASH After Rachel Zegler Interviews

T H 3 R U N D O W N C R E W

Christopher Fagan @chriswfagan

Joy Fagan @violafagan

Topic 1: Gal Gadot Recounts Evil Queen Audition, Teases ‘Snow-White’ Live-Action Remake. From The Hollywood Reporter, The Wonder Woman actress will portray the Evil Queen in the upcoming live-action remake of Disney’s first princess. She stars opposite Rachel Zegler’s Snow White. She had this to say during a GQ interview:

Topic 2: Rachel Zegler gets viral backlash as comments about ‘Snow White’ remake resurface. This comes in From NBC News, The film is set for release next year. But Zegler, who stars as the title character, has been the subject of online discourse after several interview clips from last year emerged.

Topic 3. Dylan Postl, WWE’s Hornswoggle, Shares Thoughts On Reported Character Changes In Disney’s Snow White Remake And How They Impact Stars Like Him. On a post by Cinemablend, Dylan Postl was invited to discuss his views on a recent episode of Piers Morgan Uncensored. During the discussion, he provided a counterpoint to those who feel that director Marc Webb’s modern spin on the first Disney animated film is a step in the right direction. Here’s why Mr. Postl disagrees with that viewpoint:


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