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Sex Workers Getting Banned From TikTok

Story by Kat @emkatma on tiktok

Good afternoon folks, my name is kat I'm reporting to you for WTFIT News coming to you from my living room today. we've got some breaking news for small business owners everywhere. stay tuned and find out if you are in trouble. sources say certain phone applications are beginning to really crack down on certain businesses practicing the freedom of expression and self-respecting actions which are that of the sex work industry.

Now, this isn't the first time certain apps have taken measures to silence and ban creators known to promote adult content. if you recall in December 2020 there was a purge of amateur sex workers who were not very well known to the platform however famous platform holders such as the beloved Bella Thorne remained on the apps with no trouble at all. sex workers beware, clues for certain apps to flag and ban you may consist of using third-party sites in your bio to redirect traffic away from the original site i.e. linktree. we're also getting some reports in right now using blatant terms such as only daddy, chatter, or watch me peg this pretty boy may result in a permanent ban of your page.

we're being told to let you folks know that the regular thirst traps are still okay for the posting. you may still shake that ass in a thong bikini on a beach in front of a crowd of people just as long as it looks like you're not doing it for yourself. if you look like you're trying to make money with your own body you will be labeled a whore and you will lose your entire account. well, folks that is all the time we have for today I'm kat this is been, What The Fuck Is This.

Stay golden ponyboy and stay safe out there sex workers.


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