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Scream VI Movie Review

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More thoughts about the movie.

Scream VI

This installment to the franchise raised the stakes higher than previous films. The plot formulas were dismissed making the film anxiety-inducing and unpredictable. The drawback was the twist at the end, Ghostface’s identity, somehow new/original and simultaneously overdone giving it an 8 out of 10.

The Sam character played by Melissa Barrera was meant to take the wheel as the new Cydney Prescot. What wound up happening after the release of part five was the rise of Jenna Ortega after she caught fire thanks to her portrayal as Wednesday in the Netflix series. Leaving people to believe that the franchise is about to become hers. The great thing about Scream VI is that the writers did a better job at keeping the spotlight on Sam but making obstacles (emotionally) between her and Tara so potent that it makes this franchise now a perfect partnership where both Sam and Tara are equally the focus or the Sydney of the series. Not just the new Gale and Sydney.

On the other side, Randy’s niece and nephew perfectly share the title of the new Randy. Still equally as a geek is driven with their hearts on their sleeves. These two are driven by so much passion and the love for the art of horror movie integrity, Jamie Kennedy a.k.a. Randy Meeks would be proud of the legacy he left behind. The twins, Chad and Mindy, are worthy of the Randy title. If they can just stop living up to the legacy of getting stabbed like their fallen uncle. No need to honor him that much.

Then there’s Ghostface. Unlike the other people who put on the mask, this was a completely different version. More powerful than the 3rd one. Stealthier than the 1st and more vicious than any other in the franchise. This Ghostface killer broke more rules than any other, making the mystery that much trickier to solve.


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