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Robert M. Burnett Wants To Help Black Actors Get Hairstylist Familiar with Their Hair.

Film director, DVD producer and Youtuber of the Robservation with Robert Meyer Burnett featured a video that I, Christopher Fagan of Talking Through The Medias, discussing the topic of Black actors dealing with issues of hair and make up on film sets from stylist that are not familiar with black people styles of hair. Robert reported on The John Campea Show and then again on the Burnettwork the topic of black actors that deal with this problem and some feeling the need not to raise the issue with producers and directors in fear of being deemed difficult and possibly fired or both.

The video that I put together in my studio is a little over 8 minutes long. It ranged from personal experiences that I had working for the military overseas, seeing black women fighting to change policies regarding the treatment of their types of hair, dealing with the need to manage it in a war-zone to stay in compliance, and DeAndre Arnold. The discussion leads into a scenario that I sometimes share when I think of my children attending school and fearing that they may be considered out of dress code based on their hair types. The example being that two kids, same length of hair go to school without doing anything to their heads, no product or comb and because one kids hair does something different in their nature than the other one kid can be considered out of compliance and the other has nothing said to them. Both kids doing the exact same thing, waking up, getting dressed and going to school the way God made them.

Robert Burnett said on his live stream that it was a topic he was not aware of but would definitely make sure to keep in the forefront of his mind when producing in the future. I also admitted that the topic he raised was one I never thought of either but believe 100% that it is obviously something in line of what needs to be addressed in film developing. I for one and glad we were both able to collaborate and learn from each other and share our thoughts. Hopefully it raises more awareness to our audiences and to everyone who comes across our words seeking support on the issues.

The last thing that I want to give credit to was the fact that Mr. Burnett was not not doing it for the sake of Black History month, he did it on a Wednesday because it was the right thing to do and it just so happened to be February. That is what made it all that much more special to me. The ah ha moments where we both learned and became better from the moment shared and the fact that it happened so organically and unforced means a great deal to me. I feel that I've met a friend that I didn't know I always had. Thank again, Robert Meyer Burnett for the time you allowed on your show. Your voice is necessary.

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