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Object permanence, The Passage and OMG Amy isn't BLACK!

When I first saw the trailers for Justin Cronin's The Passage on Fox I was very excited. I debated on watching the show and then reading the book or reading first and then watching. I watched the first episode and then read the book. I was about half way to the 2nd chapter when I read something about her eyes and realized the little girl in the book was white! Ah, okay, carry on. I read the whole thing and just loved it. Chris and I even did a Nerd Collab on my YouTube all about it. Good times, sigh.

The series was very good. Saniyya Sidney and Mark Paul Gosselaar had great chemistry. I can totally see why she was cast with him, it just worked, that is until America saw that brown skin. I read so many hateful reviews. Most of them said that the book was forever ruined for them because "their Amy" wasn't Black. Um, it's a a book....about vampires. There is no Amy and she doesn't belong to YOU Karen from Wisconsin.

Object permanence means knowing that something exists even if you can't see it. Psychology says it is supposed to be developed by age 2. I guess some people never get there. It doesn't matter who actually played the character as long as they did Amy justice and Saniyya did, above and beyond. I felt it worked better with her being black because it made her even more of a high needs kid and it meant even more for Gosselaar's character to love her with his whole heart. That's just me I think, reaching over hurdles rather than being blocked by them. It makes me wonder if these same simple people would have loved the story that was ruined forever if "their Amy" had a little pigment.

The series was cancelled, not because it wasn't good, not because it moved too slow, but because people couldn't see that the character was the same, just brown. This is why we can't have nice things Karen, because your sight stops with skin and has no depth.


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