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NXT Take Over Review: My First NXT Experience!

This will mark the first time I ever watch an NXT Pay Per View event. #NXTTakeOver. When I went to the Royal Rumble 2020 and saw just what I've been missing out on it was enough for me to say "no more". Making my mark on the couch and planting my feet infront of my tv. Let the app load up and its time for Christopher Fagan to engage with NXT.

We open with the Keith Lee vs Donovan Dijak match and from my experience in the Royal Rumble seeing how much even Brock Lesner had to respect the big man Lee I knew I was in for some magic. Never have I ever seen men of the size of Big Daddy Cool Diesal and Mark Henry move around the ring like Rey Mysterio and Shawn Michaels. These two men put on an absolute clinic. Hurricaneranas and Highflyers. This was a match that kept me on my feet and just would not end. Neither of these giants would give in. This was a showstopper of a match and was just the beginning. Now I see the glory.

The first ever women's street fight stayed in the arena and in the ring for the most part but was another match that definitely elevated the women's division once again. As NXT does, the women here have pushed the WWE into the stratosphere and is giving us athletes that wont be ignored and won’t be denied. This was a personal match, a grudge if you will that was extremely physical and dangerous. Knox and Kai did not disappoint at all.

Finn Balor vs Johnny Gargano, this was a match I was extremely curious about. When Balor made his way to Raw and Smackdown becoming the first Universal Champion I was impressed. Balor in not just an entrance he is a wrestling demon. When I heard he was taken back down to the NXT level I felt like it was a punishment to the fans. Getting caught up to the story line, seeing that Johnny Gargano taking the top position and reaching the fans on a different level seems to have gotten to the Finn. The situation being that NXT is the house that he built and Gargano represents the little boys who are now living in it. That was a great promo. Gargano telling Finn that if the Raw/Smackdown version of Balor shows up he’ll be eaten alive. As the match progressed, see two champions at heart and a clash of the fans. Even though Gargano is the face of this match and Balor has done heartless acts solidifying himself as the heal of this story line it made no difference to the fans.

Adam Cole (c) vs. Tommaso Ciampa. I won't lie, beyond Belair and Ripley, I had no more interest and could have stopped but what a match. I know nothing of these two men and am learning as I watch. Ciampa is a star. The crowd loves him and his intensity is undeniable. This man will be a WWE champion soon enough. Adam Cole has a Shawn Michaels feel to him and will be a heel to reckon with. No one can deny that the impact that these men give in the ring is dialed up to 11 and will gain much appreciation from the WWE Universe for years to come.

The match I could have ended the show with was the one between NXT Women’s Championship Rhea Ripley (c) vs. Bianca Belair. When I saw Bianca in the Royal Rumble, I predicted her to break the womens elimination record after the fourth woman she threw over the ropes. I was right. After seeing Rhea Ripley make short work of Becky Lynch and Charolette Flair I became an instant fan and fell in love with her style. Seeing these two go after each other and work for the right to face Flair in Wrestlemania has reminded me of the attitude era. Belair has a style of her own that is simply wowing the crowd from the front to the back and the fear and respect that Ripley commands will take their divisions to the next level. The in ring chemistry and microphone skills reminds me of the rivalry of Triple H and The Rock. In honor of the connection I would dub Belair possibly the next Most Electrifying Woman In Sports And Entertainment and Ripley The Cerebral Assassiness. This is a rivalry that can become something of legends. These are the two I will keep my eyes on. Raw and Smackdown will be in a load of trouble after Wrestlemania. The Cerebral Assassiness and The Most Electrifying Woman will soon Take Over.

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