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Okay, guys, I decided to do this right out of the studio. Joy and I just watched the movie Nope and we're giving a quick review. Close Encounters Of The Third Kind, that's one of the movies I thought of. Without giving anything away, Close Encounters meets Predator meets Jaws. that's what it mostly reminded me of it reminded me of jaws. For the most part, I thought we would get a situation like in M Night Shyamalan's Signs, but then when the twists came, I don't even know if I could call it a twist because without giving too much away what you see is what you get.

once the main characters figure out what they're really dealing with then you realize then it kind of peels away what you're really dealing with and that was the predator part of it. at first, they're thinking that they're dealing with one thing you realize you're dealing with another. this movie is very primal and sci-fi futuristic all at the same time that's the best I could come up with.

Generally, sci-fi isn't my cup of tea, buts perfectly balanced. Also, I appreciate the acting and ensemble they put together and the special effects.h too much or try to make me overthink things or overcomplicate. I used the word primal and simplified itself quickly, so when I rank it closer to Get Out than I do Us. it's superior to Us not better than Get Out. I love kiki palmer's character on it I don't know why at first I didn't.

when this movie was setting stuff up every little thing that you saw no matter how trivial it was whether it was just a look and i'll do this just once whether it was the opening scene everything that happened had meaning to what the final the third act was everything leading the first and second act no matter how small it was I i was noticing callbacks to [Music] every conversation every little hint every little little moment is meaningless a trivial it it presented itself that way but there was to me a meaning behind every little thing now I didn't tie in like directly into what the the main antagonist uh you know was but it tied into how to deal with it if that makes sense I know I’m being cryptic I love the the the colors that they used I love the the the atmosphere on it I love the who who would you say was your like was it any any performances or any standouts that that you did enjoy more than others any characters that you would enjoy I actually liked angel you like the frog brand his name is brandon uh I don't know why I didn't I didn't like him at first because he was like well no I didn't either but then you're just like I grew up dude yeah he he grew up and I didn't think he would I i don't know why I thought he was one of those characters that was going to be like like be taken out early as possible but yeah he grew up I enjoyed seeing what's his name was host uh and and tears hulse who's played by michael uh wincock you know uh you know who he is you remember him he was the main bad guy from the crow the crow movie I haven't seen in the wild but that's one of my favorite movies and he and the more and more he talked the more I started thinking about the crow I was like I just I just saw I i enjoyed his uh his voice I didn't think that we were going to hear the phrase Nope as much as we did but every time it happened it was it it made sense and it was perfect I wouldn't have dealt with most of the stuff that they dealt with I wouldn't have dealt with any of that crap i'd have been gone I wouldn't have dealt with any of that stuff that's the only unrealistic part about it the this black family like they use the phrase Nope and stuff but they never they never think to leave just just bleed oh she wanted she wanted yeah at one point I get it I mean I’m I’m a softy for animals so that was what he went back for no no that was the only unrealistic part of it like now these black folks nah like now it's time to go anyway I enjoyed it I recommend it I thought it was pretty good uh I say go check it out uh Nope is in theaters uh now so we're gonna talk full spoilers in the next couple of shows leading up uh in the next couple of days maybe uh sometime early next week I am right now I’m get out Nope and uh us so that's I think that's where we are and I think that's where most people are going to be on on it all right guys like I guess i'll leave your thoughts down below let us know what you guys think and uh until next time guys have a good


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