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Matt Reeves Reveals The Suit: What I Like And What I Do Not

Filming has begun on The Batman starring Robert Patterson and directed by Matt Reeves. Originally, I was looking forward to The Batman being directed and starring Ben Affleck. His casting as the dark knight was met with mostly skepticism after Batman vs Superman debuted, he was considered to be one of the best if not best Batman portrayals. The blow back of Patterson’s casting was short lived, mostly with Twilight references but people seem to get on board quicker than in the past. Probably because the naysayers are trying to rewrite history and have you believe they were always for Heath Ledger and Affleck.

Matt Reeves has just revealed the suit on his twitter account that our new Batman will be wearing in the film. Giving us a glimpse of armor that resembles the build of the bat suit in the Batman Arkham Asylum suit in the video game series. The video in his tweet also gave us a sample of the theme music for the film. To me, it felt like a blend of the Imperial March song and the Nolan Batman theme but it's a great sample nonetheless. The suit looks like battle armor similar to the Nolan bat suit but with a harder shell. This new suit gives the impression that Robertson Batman will be facing a Gotham that will be even more brutal than the one we saw briefly in Batman vs Superman. The only question I have left is will this Batman ever join the DCEU again or if there is a DCEU. Now that Warner Brothers is having success keeping their franchises apart, that may be the path forward.

That last thing I would like revealed is whether Patterson’s batman will in fact take heavy influence from the Arkham Asylum game. If so, we may be seeing, for the first time, a true detective Dark Knight. A Batman that has to solve mysteries and showcase his superior intellect. The suit looks amazing and I am growing more excited for the film. My only criticism is the cape. 99% of the suit is to my liking. The 1% is the collar. A cosmetic part of the suit that is probably a reference to a style in a comic book I am not aware of. Fandom Batman fans could probably tell you which issue it is from and can justify the need for it. For some reason it just bugs me a little bit but for no real reason and it doesn’t matter at all. If this is the only thing, I’m upset about then I am extremely happy with this image.

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