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Kate Movie On Netflix Brings A New Style to Action

Kate is directed by Cedric Nicolas Troyan. It stars Mary Elizabeth Weinstein, Maiku Martineau, and our beloved Woody Harrelson.

Plot: After she's irreversibly poisoned. A ruthless criminal operative has less than 24 hours to exact revenge on her enemies and in the process forms an unexpected bond with the daughter of one of her past victims.

Right off the bat, I'm thinking about a lot of different movies that remind me of this plot, especially those tropes that you kind of get into with. At first, you do something wrong against the person that you're trying to help or get revenge with. Then they find out what you did. Then, you know there's that little clash and then eventually, in the end, you know, they'll make up and stay friends or alls forgiven right? So I'm expecting is this movie going to follow the same tropes? Is this movie going to be boring Is it's gonna, is it gonna remind me too much of things that I've seen before and those are legitimate fears that you're going to have to go into this film, you're gonna think, okay, Atomic blonde, You're also gonna think of course you're gonna think, john Wick, you're gonna think about a lot of different movies that this could be emulating.

What do we get? We got the most interesting cast that I have seen in a long time. I'm not just talking about the main stars. I'm not just talking about Kate and Ani and the character played by Woody Harrelson. The tone of the movie was well balanced. And the city was just as much of the main character as the cast themselves. The director used exactly what was needed and it enhanced it to exciting levels. It was like I was watching a Batman movie and that's ironic because mary Elizabeth Winston was in Birds of Prey. But it felt like Japan was a character in this movie. The city was alive. It can only be credited to Cedric Nicolas Troyan, the director really pulled something amazing off in this film.

He brought the whole city to life to me. The use of the colors, the subtlety, the camera angles. I mean action angles and shots that have been done before but the style was something I haven't seen either before or in a long time. This is not one of those throwaway movies and I am so disappointed that it's sitting at the score that it's at on Rotten Tomatoes. People are going to this film and expecting the same old thing. But as the movie went along, I was appreciating characters who only had maybe two minutes of dialogue, in the beginning, and you never saw again. All the performances were great and the action was outstanding. The choreograph was a bit missed timed at points and you could clearly see the punches being pulled because this is acting right. But it didn't happen to a point where it took me out of the movie where it's like, oh, I couldn't believe she could pull that off. This was gritty and believably action-packed in a grounded and realistic kind of way where it's a grappling tackle, ground-and-pound kick-ass action. While keeping its style that is so unique.

Even though every little bit of the recipes in this cake, you've seen them before. You've seen the flower, you see the sugar. You see the eggs, you see everything, all these ingredients, You've seen them all before but the way the director put it together, chef smooch. It was something I've never seen before. To me, the testament of a good movie is one that I could say I'll watch again. I can watch this movie over and over and over again and probably see something new and not be bored watching it multiple times.

Were there cheesy moments? Of course, there's always cheese in an action movie. Right? But there was still a style. The cheese worked in the cake. I'm sorry. It did. Here's a perfect example. The character played by Maiku is This character, if I was judging based on past movies, I would say a similar approach would be the young lady from Rush Hour for example. After a while, that (Rush Hour) got annoying for me. Not only did I not get annoyed with the Ani character, and that was the purpose of the character at first. Rich spoiled, kind of type of entitled little brat, kind of a character, but with a great performance from a great actress and great directing, she emotionally got me. Even when she was being a brat I loved her and the chemistry, the Batman and Robinness of it usually don't work for me all the time cause it feels forced but it worked. It was so much heart so much style. I just keep coming back to that word because it's the best way I can describe it. I recommend this movie again and again and again, I would say that this movie deserved to be in the theater only because the cast did an amazing job. The extras did an amazing job, that guy that was walking in the background. Never looked at the camera from left to right from right to left, did an amazing job. The director pulled something off that really spoke to me and I'm happy I got a chance to see it.

Thank you, Netflix for allowing me to screen this one early. I appreciated it. I had a great time with it and I can't wait till you all get to see this film. Go check out Kate because it is awesome. If you love seeing action that works well with a cast that won't bore you, make you laugh, and show more style and grit than a little bit, then see this film.

Share your thoughts with me if you agree with me or if you don't.


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