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Jonathan Majors Facing A Year In Prison, Lawyer Calls It A Witch Hunt

Jonathan Majors Lawyer Says he’s Facing Witch Hunt, & A Year In Prison.

Appearing virtually for the hearing Majors saw the Manhattan District Attorney’s office make public a superseding complaint with a charge of third-degree assault.

The class A misdemeanor has a maximum possible sentence of 12 months behind bars or a three-year probation term.

Majors did not enter a plea to the new charge. Majors had little to say Tuesday beyond “Yes ma’am” to Judge Rachel S. Pauley.

The next hearing in the matter has been set for June 13 in person

If Majors fails to appear in court a warrant can be issued for his arrest within 48 hours

Majors must abide by the order of protection barring them from any contact with the woman in question.


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