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Jennifer Aniston "I'm Over CANCEL CULTURE" & @ClarksonLawson REPARATIONS Tiktok

Jennifer Aniston "I'm Over CANCEL CULTURE" & Clarkson Lawson REPARATIONS Tiktok


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19:10 Dumbest Thing Parents Got Mad About

28:50 Reparations

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Topic 1: Cancel culture! We’ve seen the upsides and the fallout of the social media Scarlet Letter. When aimed at people or companies who have been caught doing vile acts to their fellow humans, cancel culture has been a great tool to raise awareness. There have been times when the wrong people have been docs or judged prematurely to later find out they were not the ones who should be targeted. A headline from stated this, Jennifer Aniston Says She's 'So Over Cancel Culture'. Let's talk about it.

Topic 2: What's the dumbest thing one of your parents has gotten angry at you for? This question comes in from Reddit by Gaytheforcebewithyou and if you want more content of us reacting to Reddit stories please hit the like button and follow for more. After we get into this we’re going to go straight to the comments. Let's talk about it, I (52) was having lunch with my mom (78) and was telling her about a new restaurant in town, and how they have the most amazing deviled eggs. She smugly says "Well, they're not as good as mine" and like a fool I said, "Actually if I had to choose I'd probably go with theirs". I honestly thought she was going to reach across the table and hit me. She was LIVID. Didn't speak to me for the rest of the meal.

Topic 3: What countries had to pay war reparations? Meant to replace war indemnities which had been levied after earlier wars as a punitive measure as well as to compensate for economic losses. After World War II the Allies levied reparations principally on Germany, Italy, Japan, and Finland. A member of the gay community, Youtuber, Tiktoker, Culture, and Political Commentary Clarkson Lawson, Who has been featured on podcasts that discuss “Normal, sane gay people need to step up and reclaim the LGBT community from the radical, left-wing Alphabet People who have taken over, recently decided to step in the black side of Tiktok to give his views on reparations and gets dragged. Let's check out a few and give our reactions.

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TOPIC 4: Throwback Thursday

You're Next turns 10 years old & Freddy vs. Jason turns 20 years old

TOPIC 5: Outlaw Johnny Black Trailer Reaction

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