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Gran Turismo Movie Review

Gran Turismo is the lastest summer blockbuster of 2023 and it comes with lots of hype and admiration. The gaming cinematic universe is kicking-off with recent entries; Uncharted (2022), Last of Us (2023) and Super Mario Bros (2023), you can see Playstaion is making use of ther catalog. The trailers gives off a video game vibe but its more aligned with Ford v Ferrari in that it’s based of a true story and both films center around iconic race: 24hrs of Le Mans.

The plot for the movie is very simple, we follow young gamer Jann Mardenborough who’s love for playing video racing games leads him to win a competition for a chance to compete as a professional race car driver. Leading a team of underdogs - an idealistic motorsports exec and a ex-race car driver aim to take on the most elite sport. Most movie goers, especially gamers will definitely relate to the main character, I once had dream of being a pro gamer so when I saw the trailer I immediately knew I had to see this movie.

Gran Turismo has a solid cast and they carry the movie’s most emotional and comedic scenes very well. Archie Madeweke brings charm and charisma in his portrayal as Jann Madenborough, David Harbour as tough-love coach/trainer Jack Salter brings a great performance when hes on screen you become more interested in the story and his chemstry with the protagonist. Orlando Bloom is good playing the enthusiastic marketing exec who’s role is to oversee GT Academy. A few cool additions to the supporting cast, Djimon Hounsou (Blood Diamonds) as Steven Madenborough, Darren Barnet (Never have I ever) as Matty, and Race car driver Emelia Hartford as Leah Vegas.

Neill Blomkamp brings an amazing view into the world of F1 racing. The cinematography is phenomenal, we’re shown different angles of the car from the drivers perspective and fellow spectators perspective. The race scenes are the main highlight of the film and the most intense, you feel anxiety at every sharp turn when the drivers are on the track. Neill Blomkamp has always had a distinctive style when it comes to how he directs especially when it comes to capturing locations like he’s done in previous movies he’s directed; District 9 and Chappie.

For me Gran Turismo is the sleeper hit of the summer and it’s carried by a good cast, interesting plot and amazing racing scenes. Neill Blomkamp makes a great comeback directing this movie. It’s an inspirational sports drama for all audiences and anyone who ever grew up playing video games. It’s accompanied by a great soundtrack as well as standout performances from the cast. It will leave some with a good impression of wanting to learn more about F1. I give the movie an A-, and definitely recommend seeing it in IMAX or Dolby.


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