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Ghosted (2023) Movie Review

Ghosted is a movie that's, Apple TV plus original. So this is a comedy romance, comedy

action about a boy who falls in love with a girl, and that girl turns out to be a super spy, super CIA Kick-Ass spot. This is almost like True Lies but, like like the gender reverse kind of thing. This movie was very campy where it played into those tropes for a standard Kick-Ass super spy and then the love interest that's along for the ride. Oh my God, what's going on? But they switched it where it was this time the woman was the spot, and the man was just the love interest that's just freaking out, "Oh my God, what's going on?" And when I say camping in the beginning, I mean, I mean that it would, it really I felt like some parts of the movie it felt like it was like making fun of itself like it's making fun of those typical those types of romantic comedy movies. And then, and then the other parts, the simple fact that you've got Captain America who's playing the damsels, the Damsel in Distress, yeah, so I feel like they were making fun, yeah. And then, but then at some parts of the movies, I was like, okay, that's funny, but it's it wasn't I wasn't mad about that but I was like, but the jokes weren't really, landing, all that great at first.

I thought this could have just been a romance comedy that didn't have action in it. I thought their chemistry was really good together. I forgot that they were, they were knives out together. We're talking about Chris Evans and Ana. No, they're almost, they were in that together. If I'm not mistaken, Scarlett Johansson might have been originally set to do this role, but for some reason, she didn't do it, and then, Ana did a great job in it. My only criticism of this movie was that it was too long. They could have shaved about 15 to 20 minutes out of this movie for the pacing on it, and we're going to feel a little slow at times very slow.

The first half was too slow, and awkward. And, when it finally got to that second half, it crossed that midpoint, when it picked up, it picked up. So, I could hear him laughing and yelling. My wife was I was working downstairs. I'm up, I'm up here. I'm in the studio watching this in here in the studio, and I'll tell you exactly. I'm not gonna tell you anything about what happened in it, but I'll tell you this: there are cameos in this movie that will--that's all she heard. Every cameo. "What? That person's in this?" Every five minutes.

I'll tell you this: there are cameos that happen back to back to back to back within like five minutes like it was just quick, quick cameos, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. And then, I thought that's it. Then, the movie kept going on. By the end of the movie, we're at the last 10 minutes 10-20 minutes of the movie. One more surprise. Boom. Cameo with that. And she heard me again, like 20-30 minutes later. "What? That's-- that first?" So, these have to be like A-list stars, dude. I'm telling you, this movie was a little too long, a little too campy. You get what he was trying to do, but the cameos made it the payoff that was the payoff. The double's jokes landed so hard, and that was worth it. Should they have made this movie go to theaters? No, this is a perfect streaming movie, like that because I don't, I just don't think it would have, it would have made as much money as it would, it's like, I said, some of the comedy just didn't land.

As it, as it was trying to do the campiness and the stereotypical, they even had the stereotypical, over-dramatic villain that would monologue too long, and yeah, and stuff like that, you know, as these jokes work better for cartoons, but, but, it just would not have worked in theaters, I think. Director streaming with Apple TV was perfect, but the cameos, watch that. I recommend this movie. I would give it, I don't know am I a B minus, or am I see? I'm gonna say, I'm gonna say C plus because on the borderline of a b. Maybe tomorrow, I'll say B minus because of the fact that I don't feel like it was worth going to theaters for. It is a perfect streaming movie, and I'm already prone to say C from that, so I'm gonna say C. I'll say C plus, oh see, I was on the border on that for Renfield too. I'm like, is it C plus or is it B minus? But I'm like, it's B plus, but if you're saying because of, I mean that's just me, that's just what I, I'm going with it. But those cameos, I feel like they stuck to landing, and you enjoyed it, but there are more things I enjoyed and I didn't like it, but those two, those two or three things that I didn't like, that's what brought it from an A, would be to possible to see, maybe I was tomorrow, maybe I'll say B.

I will probably watch it again. I want my wife to see it. I told her I went downstairs. I said, "I wasn't going to recommend this movie to you, even though it's a comedy, but when I, when I finished the cameos, I'm like, "No, you have got to see this movie," because when she sees all the cameos, she will think this is good, she, she might give this a better grade than I was ignoring me, probably. So, she's probably gonna say this is a B plus or an A minus that I can already tell because of the last cameo. She's gonna flip her lid. She's gonna go crazy for it. So, I recommend you watch it. I'll tell you if you have Apple TV plus watch this movie because Chris Evans does a great job of playing the damage in distress. Ana convinced me that she needs to probably be in the MCU. She is going to be in an active role she's going to be in her own ballerina spin-off. I knew that and I forgot about so now some more action

seems worse. It was, it was I mean, come on like she weighs what one hundred and thirty and she's fighting a dude that's like seven foot tall. I mean, obviously, the physics of it wasn't believable, but her performance of it was good. And she did well on SNL with her little cup for comedy, yes. And she did really well in the James Bond, "No Time to Die." She was one that I have not seen, she was very good at that, even though she was in a small role in that film. She was like another spy in that film, so yeah, the same character. I'm saying, I'm looking at that picture; I think Chris Evans likes being in that position. Yeah, dude, that poster explains the whole movie because at first, I'm like, ghosted, obviously, we know what ghosted means when somebody disappeared, he'll contact you again. And then, I and so when I first saw the poster, I was like, okay, so this is just a romantic comedy where these two people are just, and then, I was like, wait, what's that? I didn't, because I didn't see the trailer before, I didn't know what this movie was about and I was like, what does that explain the ocean going on in the background? So, I was like, wait, is that a gun?

So, oh, wait, wait, let's go, so I thought maybe this was a play on Mr. and Mrs. Smith but no. But, just like my wife said, no, this is she's the, the badass CIA agent, he's the Damsel in Distress and it's funny, it I'll give it that. I laughed a lot. It was mostly the cameos that did it for me, but he did a good job playing the damsels on the Stress and she did a good job playing the Super badass spy. So overall, yeah, I recommend it. So go check it out, if you got Apple TV Plus, check out Ghosted. It was, it's pretty funny.


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