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Fire Gina Carano Trending, Deadpool 3, Charli D'Amelio - Episode 159

Sixteen-year-old Charli D'Amelio has become the first TikTok star to surpass 100 million followers. She has also struck sponsorship deals with brands including EOS cosmetics, starred in a Super Bowl advert for Sabra hummus, and agreed to be the face of Hollister alongside her sister. The range of deals earned the 16-year-old $4m in the year from June 2019, according to Forbes. Sky News reported D'Amelio's hopes of reaching the 100 million milestone were dented from an episode of the family's series Dinner with the D'Amelios, fans accused her of being disrespectful towards the personal chef the D'Amelios had hired.She released a tearful video apologizing for her actions. Soon after, she announced she had reached the followers goal tweeting out “100 MILLION PEOPLE SUPPORTING ME!! I TRULY CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THIS IS REAL”.

Was the incident with the 🐌 and Dixie D'Amelio plus Charli and the chef that bad?

Yes, it was rude 74%

No, it wasn't that bad 26%

Carlos Magnayon Gray: "I don’t even have Tiktok yet I know who Charli is!"

James Merlaut (MEMBER): "I read up about it, so my opinion will be purely based on what I just read since I know nothing else about the sisters. First, I voted that it was rude. As for should they be punished... no... In the end, they're young, still unaccustomed to the spotlight; what they did was undeniably rude, and they should be pulled up on it to prevent future ill judgments... but I don't think they should get punished... but they should stay on TikTok 😂😂😂"

dick casablancas: "No and yes. They snail was not all if a chef is offended at someone gagging over a snail they are over sensitive because most people wont react to eating a snail well."

As Disney continues to figure out what to do with Fox properties acquired in the merger, one of the biggest IPs, Deadpool, looks to be gaining momentum. Sources tell Deadline that Bob’s Burgers veterans Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin will write Deadpool 3, with Ryan Reynolds set to reprise his role as the wise-cracking Marvel superhero. Sources say the film is still expected to be rated R like the previous two installments. The Molyneuxes, are sisters and writing partners, and executive producers of the long-running hit Bob’s Burgers on Fox, for which they won an Emmy in 2017.

Remember that the directors of Winter Soldier to Endgame came from similar TV writing beginnings. Do you think this is a possible a Russo Brothers situation?

Yes 65%

No 35%

Jerf1: "I doubt to the extent that the Russo brothers broke out. And not for a lack of talent or ability, but the Russo brothers got in the comic movie game at the right time, right place. Comic book movies are THE biggest box office draw now so there’s a lot more movies being made, a lot more competition and it'll be hard for any writer(s) to cement themselves into a franchise the way the Russo brothers have".

From Comic Book Resourse The hashtag #FireGinaCarano started trending on social media after The Mandalorian star posted several controversial tweets. Gina Carano has been posting tweets that discourage mask-wearing and suggest potential voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential Election. The tweets did not sit well with some Mandalorian fans who ultimately started a petition for Disney+ to replace Carano as Cara Dune in the streaming service's flagship series, The Mandalorian. Back in September, the actress was under siege for posting an image of Nazi soldiers that fans viewed as racist. However, not every Mandalorian fan is behind the #FireGinaCarano movement. Others who support the actress have started a counter-hashtag, #StandWithGinaCarano with Carano posting on twitter “You can join me over @parler”

MAJOR QUESTION: What is the likely outcome of all this?

Disney will ignore it as long as they can 56%

Character will "coincidentally" be written off the show 31%

Gina will flip & apologize if this Parler path is less profitable 7%

She will intensify the rhetoric forcing Disney to fire her 7%

Yousuckatcooking - If they fire Gina before they fire Amber Heard I'm gonna be pissed.

Tom Veloso - Althought i disagree with alot of what she said, in no way she should be fired because of it

James Merlaut - So if we are now in a world where a person can't even express views that are not racist and whatnot... Elon? How much for the 1st ticket to Mars?

Adam Runager - How is this a fireable offense? I mean there is a first amendment rights even if you don't agree with what is being said.


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