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Fatale Movie Review - The Unanswered Questions

As we all know Fatale starring Hilary Swank and Michael Ealy is an entanglement brought to life where Derrick Tyler (Ealy), a successful sports agent, meets a mysterious woman in Vegas and ends up having an affair. When he is later attacked in his own home the detective on the scene turns out to be the same woman he had an affair with, Detective Valerie Quinlan played by Swank. They keep the secret long enough to discover that his own wife and best friend were also having their own affair and probably plotted the attack as a failed hit on his life.

This is where the movie took the most interesting turns but left out one lasting question. Who was the hired hitman? Hilary proved once again that she can play sexy and kick-ass as she's done numerous times before but the chemistry between her and Ealy was done extremely well. I came into this film with a few movies in mind like Fatal Attraction, Lakeview Terrace, Unlawful Entry, and Obsession. What I was surprised to find out was that this movie stands alone and was more original than any of them. Not necessarily better than Fatal Attraction but not a similar plot to any of the other films even though there were similar plot points.

Having the multiple twists in the second and third act was what made the film stand out but the one lasting question kept nagging at me. What about the guy who attacked Derrick? I assumed it was his friend Rafe played by Mike Colter but there were no signs of that the next time we saw him in the film. Derrick got a few good licks in so his buddy's face would have had some scars. There was a point in the movie where a man who worked in the office who seems to fit the profile physically gave an interesting look towards the main character and I assumed he was the person but they never came back to it. It was the only thing about the movie that seemed out of place. Notice that my only complaint has nothing to do with the main plot of the movie. This should tell you that if that was my only complaint then, 95% of the film was great. This is a much watch. I deserve much more than what this year is giving to films that make it to the theaters. I recommend seeing it. So go check out Fatale.

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