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F Is For Family: Five Things You Did Not Know Before You Binge Season 4

F Is For Family is an adult animation sitcom created by comedian Bill Burr and writer/producer Mike Price best known for his Emmy award winning work on The Simpsons. The show premiered in 2015 to respectable reviews and grew as one of Netflix highly rated series. The show is centered around the Murphey family, father Frank Murphy voiced by Bill Burr, his wife Sue Murphy voiced by Academy Award winner Lauren Dern voicing Sue Murphy, their son Kevin voiced by Justin Long, Bill Murphy voiced by singer/songwriter Haley Reinhart and Debi Derryberry as the youngest daughter Maureen Murphy.

Now that season four is about to debut on Netflix I've had time to speak with writer and producer Mike Price and learned a few things about the production of the show that know one ever knew. Here are five things about F Is For Family that you did not know about.

Number 1. Mike Price played the voice of the psychotropic toad who spoke to Vic in episode 209. Vic is a Franks hippie free loving neighbor who at this point finds out something earth shattering about the woman he loves and shares a home with. To take his mind off of things he licks a toxic toad while currently high on cocaine. The combination leads him to ask the toad a very important question about his life choices.

Number 2. The show was in talks originally in spring of 2012, when Netflix had only one original show, “Lilyhammer” a Norwegen-American mob series starring Steven Van Zandt of Sopranos fame. It may be hard to believe that back then Netflix producing original series was not a prestige as it is today. No one could have expected that the streaming giant would change the way the world consumes its entertainment. 2012 is when binge was born

Number 3. The animation has been produced in Canada since Season 1. F Is For Family is an American-French-Canadian produced series. Gaumont International Television launched on September 11, 2011 in Los Angeles. They are also producers of Hemlock Grove and Narcos.

Number 4. Mike Price originally wanted the opening title song to be Edgar Winter’s “Frankenstein”, but their supervising director Dan Sumich suggested “Come And Get Your Love”. It may have proven to be the best options because the song was reintroduced to a new audience of Marvel movie fans thanks to Guardians of The Galaxy.

Number 5. SNL star Melissa Villasenor played the rotten kid who torments Frank in the first episode of Season 2. Telling a child to go play with his fathers gun was funny but felt a little harsh until the kid comes rolling back just to call Sue a loser. Then the cigarette that she flick at the kid is much deserved. Melissa Villasenor career since leaving Saturday Night Live has been on the rise in voice acting. She has landed roles on Disney films like Wreck It Wralph and Toy Story.

F Is For Family was believed to begin in the spring of 2020 but lately most sources just give the year but nothing from Netflix on an exact date.

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