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Evil Season 4, Alita Battle Angel 2, Deadpool 3 Theories, and More

Evil Season 4, Alita Battle Angel 2, Deadpool 3 Theories, and More


From After Ryan Renolds & Hugh Jackmon released set photos of Deadpool and Wolverine in their classic costumes fighting in front of a fallen 20th Century Fox logo the plot speculations have been from AVA purging Fox, Mojo creating a tournament (due to the don’t blink captions), down to an evil variant of Deadpool sent to kill the Fox Marvel Universe. James Gunn reveals Nathan Fillion Is a Green Lantern, Isabela Merced is Hawkgirl, and Edi Gathegi is cast as Mister Terrific. The Cast of The Boys are now featured in Call of Duty. The Blue Beetle Movie released a new trailer and the movie runtime is 127 minutes long. And there is a new Black Panther single-player video game in development by EA Games.

From ScreenRant: James Cameron, seemingly reveals that multiple Alita: Battle Angel sequels are happening. The producer doesn't reveal any details or timelines, but development will presumably take place between his work on the three remaining Avatar sequels., Elemental has grossed $253 million worldwide, and it'll soon beat Encanto's $256 million gross. The problem is Elemental had a 200 million budget.

From Paramount+: Regarding Evil Season 4, we’ve received no update, no release, and multiple fan speculations about why the new season, which is said to be completed, has not been released on Paramount+ yet. Nothing was mentioned by the producers, writers, the network, or actors. What do you think is going on?


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