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Evil Dead Rise Movie Review

Evil Dead Rise, no no no spoilers!

Evil Dead Rise, is just as gory, disturbing, and enjoyable for horror fans. If you like all of that in your horror film, you will get all of that and more. It keeps building and building and building until the climax of the movie and you're like I can't believe this is happening right now. Like, this is insane! This is just pure chaos for these characters. I'll say just with like 2013 one, there is a lot of blood. There is so much of it. There's a scene that probably has like, I would say like, hundreds of probably thousands of gallons of blood in the scene, and I cannot even believe it, but it looks so realistic. The makeup is fantastic, they completely own these roles to turn into these horrifying characters. Once you know the action really starts, it just does not stop. And an hour 36 minutes, not that long at all. It even set up something that can be a potentially big threat in future movies.

I didn't have any cons about it, but I do feel like there, has to be one stupid character that just does something very dumb, and you're like, can you not? I would say, like there is, there is one character that just does something so very stupid. I would have liked for it to be smarter in that way, but essentially the cliched Stupid characters trophy that causes the problem. I mean maybe or maybe that's just a call back to the way the movies were written back then. Well yeah, that might be, that might be a different character in these universes, these people, because they for some reason, they're still always a bunch of people willing to open that damn book that's made of skin and then they're like, I want to open it! So, overall for me, for me, that was just a little part of it I didn't like, but what happened later and the whole movie that followed it was just... it was just like popcorn except for horror fans, you just want to eat that shit up so quickly. I give it an A minus.


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