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Episode #209 | Is It Time To Watch Ted Lasso? | Will Dune Flop? & more

1. A coroner in Wyoming confirmed Tuesday that the body found near Grand Teton National Park was that of Gabby Petito, the 22-year-old who was reported missing after her fiancé returned home from a cross-country road trip without her. I thought it would be a good idea for anyone who doesn’t know the full story of Gabby’s disappearance to listen to a breakdown of what we know so far.

2. A.J. Johnson & Willie Garson.

3. Domestic Box Office:

Shang-Chi $178,403,820 D | $306,679,569 W

Free Guy $108,833,035 D | $302,433,035 W

Candyman $53,476,820 D | $68,283,820 W

4. Dune was always going to be a box office risk, given its massive budget and dense mythology, and now it's faced with the additional challenge of the coronavirus pandemic and subsequent worldwide lockdowns.

From Screen Rant: With numerous issues hanging over the December release of Dune – from the ongoing pandemic to a general audience that has a temperamental relationship with dense sci-fi epics – Warner Bros. has a potential box office disaster on its hands. Despite the promise of a faithful adaptation of Herbert's work and a suitably epic trailer, Dune will be a challenging sell for general audiences - and it absolutely needs general audience interest in order to succeed.

5. Apple TV+ soccer comedy "Ted Lasso" and Netflix chess drama "The Queen's Gambit" earned top prizes at Sunday night's Emmy Awards, though it was Netflix's British monarchy series “The Crown" that finally reigned supreme.

Ted Lasso From USA Today – The question was raised “Is it time to take a look at Ted Lasso” “Lasso,” soon to wrap its second season on Apple TV+, took home the coveted statue for Outstanding Comedy Series, and won others for star, co-creator and executive producer Jason Sudeikis for Outstanding Actor in a Comedy Series.

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