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Ep. 148 See Tenet In Theaters or Watch Mulan At Home - Who Did What?

1. According to Deadline, Christopher Nolan’s Tenet is trending this week after it added a further estimated $58.1M at the international box office this weekend, taking the overseas cume on the Warner Bros title to $126M after two sessions. With the time-bending film debuting in the U.S. this frame, the estimated worldwide total is $146.2M. Mulan began a soft theatrical rollout in the markets where Disney+ is not a factor. The live-action update on the animated classic grossed an estimated $5.9M from nine hubs, landing No. 1 in the UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. Was Mulan More successful in the US where theaters were closed?

2. Let’s put a Spotlight on “The concept of water-cooler television”—where weekly episodes become communal, must-see live events that dominate workplace conversations. Is it more fun to binge watch and theorize between seasons for a year for shows like Stranger Things or have a weekly episode of a show on streaming platforms and theorize between episodes?

3. From With much of the drama of soap operas focused on love and relationships completely with lots of kissing and intimacy, production on soaps have the potential to be very problematic, pandemic-wise. To counter that, shows have taken a unique approach: using mannequins to stand in for intimate moments between characters and now, a clip from such a moment from The Bold and the Beautiful has gone viral.


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