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Ep. 142 Will You Pay $30 For Mulan On Disney Plus Or Not

1. Netflix is closing in on a deal to buy worldwide rights to Amy Adams' The Woman in the Window from the Disney-owned 20th Century stable. The Fox 2000 adult drama is the latest Hollywood studio film to bypass a traditional theatrical release and head straight for streaming or premium video-on-demand amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Woman in the Window, based on the best-selling 2018 novel by A.J. Finn about an agoraphobic child psychologist who witnesses a crime, wouldn't be a fit for Disney+. Directed by Joe Wright, Woman in the Window is the final film from Fox 2000, a label which was disbanded when Disney closed its merger with 21st Century Fox in the spring of 2019.

2. Speaking of Netflix, the second season of The Umbrella Academy released on the end of July. So far it has scored high on rotten tomatoes and fans on social media are screaming for a 3rd season.

3. Mulan' Heads for Disney+ in the U.S. and Other Select Countries as reported on the Hollywood Reporter. In a surprise development, Disney announced Tuesday that Mulan will be offered to Disney+ customers in the U.S. and other select markets at a premium price of $29.99 beginning Sept. 4. Mulan is among a handful of Hollywood tentpoles that have seen their spring and summer release dates delayed several times due to subsequent theater closures.


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