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Ep. 140 Jalaiah Harmon, Gamer Girl Trailer, Tenet Movie, Kanye West

Epic Games announced the launch of “The Renegade,” the viral TikTok dance created by Atlanta teenager Jalaiah Harmon. It’s not clear whether Epic and Harmon struck some type of licensing deal, but it’s a possibility considering the developer’s rocky legal history with dance emotes. Throughout Fortnite’s meteoric rise starting in the fall of 2017, the game has featured a number of real-world dances copied from pop culture. The inclusion of the Renegade emote is also a nice gesture for Harmon, who largely went unrecognized for her dance even as it became one of the most popular moves on TikTok and other social platforms earlier this year. Only after articles by publications like The New York Times and Vox did Harmon get the proper credit for her massively influential contribution to pop culture. And now Harmon will be forever immortalized in the world of Fortnite.

Warner Bros. has removed “Tenet” from its release calendar, delivering a big blow on the exhibition industry at a time when movie theaters had hoped to peg their re-opening to the late summer debut of Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller. In what would be a surprise move, Warner Bros. may release “Tenet” overseas before it opens in the United States. Though North America remains the biggest moviegoing market in the world, international cinemas look to be ahead of the States in their efforts to reopen. Sources at the studio stress they will have to be flexible with plans to unveil “Tenet,” suggesting the film won’t have a traditional rollout.

After its release, the trailer for an upcoming live-action game Gamer Girl was met with severe backlash. Following this, Wales Interactive has pulled the controversial trailer from its YouTube channel and released a statement defending its stance on the focus of the game. Gamer Girl is intended to be a full-motion video (FMV) game where players will act as the moderator to up and coming live streamer Abicake99. Through real-time chat scenarios and leveling mod abilities, the goal of the game is to guide Abi's choices as she navigates through a troubling scenario. The plot revolves around an anonymous chat member who becomes more and more of a threat by stalking the live streamer.

Rapper Kanye West touches on economic inequality and Harriet Tubman in a rambling speech during his campaign rally in South Carolina. Kanye West won't appear as a candidate for president in South Carolina this fall. State elections officials say he didn't file a petition to appear on the state's ballot by today's noon deadline. In the video, West begins to cry while saying, “I almost killed my daughter!” Before West’s confusing display on social media, a separate source told Us that the Kardashian family and other close friends were “definitely concerned” about him. The “Heartless” rapper was previously hospitalized after canceling his tour in 2016 and has spoken candidly about his mental health since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder. In a May 2019 interview with Vogue, Kardashian opened up about how the pair has been working through his diagnosis.“It is an emotional process, for sure,” she said at the time. “That’s my husband. I share every opinion that I have and let him know when I think something’s wrong. Or if it comes to him being in the middle of a bipolar episode, I’ll do everything to be supportive and help to calm the situation.”


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