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Encanto Movie Review

I believe that that encounter just like cocoa is one of those movies that will sneak up on you. It's like you're, if you're the, on the fence of, of just being awesome, get off the fence and be awesome and watch this movie.

This is what I said earlier that this movie was like the epitome of a magical Disney movie. It had everything. I mean a little and I feel like it had a callback to a lot of the Disney classes from Lion King to the Jungle Book too frozen to toy story. It had almost every if there was a movie that was like the, that gives me the campiest Disney trope and put every Disney element that you can think of and throw it into a movie and make this the most magical thing you've ever seen in your life, throw it into this movie. That's what this movie did. But they did it in a smart, fun and sophisticated and entertaining, exciting way. All while showing them in my opinion, respect. And I'm not speaking for the community cause I'm not in the Latin community but I felt I'm gonna have to ask my Latin friends.

I felt like they were doing it in a very respectful way. So the jury's out, I've got to ask my friends after they see it what, what they thought about it But I felt like I learned a lot. I felt like this was an endearing movie. It was, it reminded me of this is gonna sound weird, but it reminds me of that joke and we always talk about with the fast and furious how we always talk about. It's all about the family That's what this movie did. It, it stays focused on family. And if you know anything about, about my crazy family or if you have one of your own, you know that families they call come in shapes and sizes. They have, you have that uncle that might be, that might not always get invited to every cookout because you never know what he's gonna do.

You have that, that one family member that you feel like might always think they're always better than everybody are perfect Maybe have an insecure person, maybe you have that the big mama in the house who's always keeping the family together and it's got it all, it's got every little, every trope that you think of in your family from the good, the bad and the ugly and two and then that how can I put this? It felt like a big giant like a cookout. Like like I felt like I was going to a family reunion. It was, it had this sense of community it had it all in there and I had a good time I was smiling from ear to ear the whole time my kids were enjoying it and I guess that's all, that's all I can say without spoiling it.

Very magical, very beautiful the animation with some of the best I've ever seen The only thing that I think I can criticize it on was that there was no let it go moment. Like that song the music was good but there was no maybe for me stand out a song as I felt like with frozen or I felt like with marijuana there was no there was a song that was my favorite song but there was no song that stood out like the way those soundtracks did. That's my only criticism of it. But other than that Go check it out. I think it's coming to theaters on 29 November.


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