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Don't Say ONLYFANS || Beau DeMayo Fired By Marvel? || Talking Through The Medias

The following is a reprint of the transcript discussion. Click the video link above to watch the discussion on our YouTube channel.

The writer of X-Men 997 was fired by Marvel just before the cartoon's debut for allegedly creating an OnlyFans account. Beau De Mayo, who also worked on Blade, Moon Knight, and The Witcher, had his company email deactivated and his Instagram deleted. This information comes from Gamespot.

Let me read this real quick from Gamespot. "X-Men 97 Creator Beau De Mayo, was fired just before the debut of the Disney+ Marvel TV series X-Men 97. Disney has fired writer-producer Beau De Mayo, according to The Hollywood Reporter. DeMayo also wrote Moon Knight and contributed to early drafts of the upcoming Blade movie. The Hollywood Reporter said that, as of last week, Marvel and DeMayo ended their relationship. The report says DeMayo's company email was deactivated and his Instagram account was deleted. Before I continue on with that, there does appear to be a Twitter account.

When you first Google it, it looks like it may be his one. I'm not going to say it is or isn't because of the activity that I'm seeing on it. It's - there's a lot of retweets of articles. Like the Marvel fired Bo DeMayo, he's retweeting a lot of those articles or being retweeted. A lot of - and then I - and then on that account, there was a retweet of Bo DeMayo by Marvel rumor is because of his OnlyFans account. An alleged OnlyFans account. The funny thing about that post is that there is a disclaimer on it that says that this source might not be reliable. This account was deactivated previously. Just paraphrasing it it was said that Disney would have known about this if it's true or if it exists. Disney, there - this would have been years ago or whatever when it happened. Now there's a reason why I titled this show "Don't Say OnlyFans" because it's ironic to me that the company, what's up, Ben? I haven't seen you in a while. What was it? Were you here last week? I can't remember. We didn't do a show last week.

Anyway, it was ironic to me that Disney, going through that whole fight with Florida with Ron DeSantis, the governor over there, you know, with their "Don't Say Gay" bill and things like that, was in this situation. And the only reason why I say that is because all the reports that I saw way before this all went down leading up to when X-Men '97 was first announced and stuff, all the outside sources that were reported on this subject would be, like, "BoDomeo is the lead writer for the upcoming X-Men '97." But they would always mention that he was openly gay. And I was like... so okay, obviously that's not the reason why they... I mean, in Disney, everybody's always accusing them of being woke or whatever, right? They wouldn't have a problem with that. They've been working with him for years. They wouldn't have a problem with that. So when he got fired, it was like... and they said nothing. Nobody was saying anything on his end. Nobody was saying anything on their end. It was weird.

So it was like, something happened. Everybody came to that conclusion. Something happened. Nobody's talking. No things getting shut down. Something happened. Well, it can't be because openly gay. Yeah, that can't be that. What's going on? So then it came out yesterday, the day before, that it might be due to an OnlyFans account. Well, okay. Did you just now find out about this? Now, there's speculation of whether or not... And if you guys in the chat, if you know more than I do... A lot of you guys joining in the chats.

You would know if it was about OnlyFans that you would know your company's stance on such things, right? Yeah. We're... We're talking about Disney. We're talking about... You know, their... Their brand is... Um... You know, it's a cartoon. A family-friendly... All that stuff. But... But if you knew about... If you... Whether they knew about it or not, I mean... They're not saying anything. So the question is... What's going on? So when I started doing some digging in this story, when I was... Looking for... I'm... Going to be honest with you. I... I'm going to tell you.

I'm gonna tell you exactly what happened when I was looking for the... The... The right thumbnail for this. I'll put it to... You like this. You start with Twitter. You... Look... You saw more than a thumbnail. You go... Man, I saw a thumbnail. Man, I thought... Third, third leg. Now when you Google his name and I'm not going to... And this is why I started by saying I don't know if that's his real account or not on Twitter. But when you... Google... Bode enough... You look through enough images... I saw one where I was like... "Oh, that's..." Um... Let me... I'll put it the way how I put it to you, babe. Um... What I saw... I said all... Bush. I... I just put it to you like that. It was full-blown. I was like, "Okay, now..." "Maybe... Alright, we kind of knew of... This OnlyFans stuff. Maybe we don't have a problem with it. We support you. We're not against your lifestyle. But then I..." I clicked on one that was like... Bush. So, I was like, "Is that the reason why?"

You know... Because I'll use WWE as an example. The reason why the... Like, great China is not already in the Hall of Fame when she's been deserving to be in the Hall of Fame is because after she quit the WWE, she did adult content. And one of their stances on that was... You know, we're trying to be positive role models for young ladies. If you Google her, um... All that stuff. Well... That's what I'm thinking. I don't feel like it probably... If that's their stance, don't think it has anything to do with it being gay. It could be male, female. They could be totally hetero. But if it's graphic images that anyone Googles and he's tied to it and it's animated cartoon stuff, they probably don't want that associated with it. It doesn't have to do with being gay. It has to do with it being adult content.

Yeah... I heard a suggestion that I 100% agree with. Videos and leaks because this stuff is supposed to be hidden behind a paywall. And if his explicit content is now leaked and out and it's not hard... Type the person's name here. Here's a hack, life hack, guys. Type the person's name, type the name of their only fans and type the word "leak". You'll find it for free. Like places like Twitter don't seem to monitor very well. People just put all kind... Yeah, they don't care. And so... That's why I was so ironic. That's... That's where I found... I was like, "Well, not... It wasn't ironic. It was obviously the perfect place to find... The leaks. That might be the reason why Marvel was like, "Hey, this stuff is... This was out there. You know, we're... You know, this is the house of Mouse. And in the house, we like to keep the mouse in the house, you know. But if you got the mouse outside the house... Okay, can't have that, right?" But here's my thing. It's not like this guy is... Feige with... An only-f-adult content account. He's not... Stephen Spielberg. He's not... Ryan Gollin. He's not... Would we have known, even if it was out there, even if one of his subscribers to that account put it all out, would we have known? And would we have cared? I honestly... I'm gonna say no.

What do you think? I mean, did we... We didn't even know who this guy was until all this went down. Would we really have known? But the thing is, when they're hush-hush like they are, who really knows what it could be? Something else, even. That's what I'm saying. It could be something totally different. Yeah, but when people love a story, yeah. So when they don't get an answer and they go, "No one's talking," they start filling in with, "I'm said, I'm going to start digging on my own. And I'm going to put things together the way I feel like it. It probably could be. Could be, yeah. And then once it starts getting out there, the general public, they love a story. They love that drama and they go, "Oh, yeah, that sounds right." And then they share to somebody else who shares it to somebody else who's also there.

So then it becomes a whole, you've already created a whole scenario that you're sure of when you don't really have any idea. Yeah. I don't know what happened to our TikTok. It's something. The display is all wrong. I don't know if it got. It looks like I think we're still live on there, but something happened. Apologize for that on TikTok. I'm about to end the stream on that. I'm now. I don't know. I feel like I feel. Like it, I'm not going to say it was a nothing burger because it's there. It's their brand. It's Disney. It's their brand. They're going to. If they feel like it was a big deal, they're going to say it and all that. But I feel like if nobody said anything, I don't think anybody would even know. So like you said, for everybody, be this hush hush about it something else must have gone down. So let us know what you guys think. Our. Oh, I forgot to. What I was doing fixing. Move on to the reviews portion of it before we get out of here. Want to talk a little bit about what's the next thing that.


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