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David The Smiley: T3Medias Cosplayer of The Year!

Congratulations to our cosplayer of the year and the winner of #Comicpalooza

His name is David The Smiley, and he is an LGBTQ cosplayer based in Houston, TX. He strives to spread joy through cosplay, using his experience in character impersonation, cosplay, acting, interviewing, being a panelist, and modeling.

He is constantly seeking opportunities to expand his skill set across various disciplines. David is always comfortable in front of a camera and eagerly awaits his next project to contribute to.

We met originally in 2022. This year marked the first time comic to Comicpalooza cosplaying as a female character by donning the costume of Shuri.

We are so proud to make David Smiley our Consplayer of 2023.


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