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Blue Beetle Right Out The Theater Reviews, Depp v Heard, and Hasbro News

T H 3 R U N D O W N C R E W

Christopher Fagan @chriswfagan

Joy Fagan @violafagan

Tabatha Jordan @tabatha.jordan18


Topic 1: From Variety Hasbro Launches Entertainment Division

Topic 2: From Variety ‘Depp v. Heard’ Netflix Director Did Not Want to Interview Johnny Depp & Amber Heard: ‘I Wanted to Get Away From Any He-Said-She-Said Within the Trial’

Topic 3. RUMOR: Paradise Lost Will Change Wonder Woman’s DCU Origins


TOPIC 4: Blue Beetle Right out of the theater review

TOPIC 5: Blue Beetle Early Rotten Tomatoes Score

TOPIC 6: Blue Beetle Early Reviews


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