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Avatar The Way of Water NONE SPOILER SLIPPERY Review

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0:13 what's up

0:23 hey guys we are here on a Tuesday night doing a quick rundown because we just

0:29 got to scream Avatar the weight of water and we're going to talk a little bit about it no spoilers

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0:52 hey baby [Applause] okay

0:59 from because we should add it was it was in 3D

1:06 well you know it's in 3D are we we screened Avatar way of the water at AMC

1:12 and it was of course it was forced to be at least we got to experience the 3D without them you know forcing it on our

1:18 pockets we got to we were invited uh by Fox studio and uh the sponsors to uh

1:24 screen way of the water and now we had we wear glasses and then

1:30 we had to put the 3D tent on top of our our faces so

1:38 that's how it is but we're not going to give any spoilers away we're going to just talk a little bit about uh the few

1:43 of the characters what what we thought about it in comparison to the first one

1:48 uh I'm gonna speak a little bit uh Mark Ellis was right I'll start off the show

1:54 right off the bat he was right we're going to be prepared to get wet it's raining here in Houston you might hear some thundering out in the uh in the

2:01 background uh it was a wet drive home there's a wet slippery that's why I would call this the slippery the

2:07 Slippery When Wet review so caution guys it's gonna get a little wet I got my water here cat trying to drink out of it

2:16 I was hoping to stay hydrated and uh yeah so I think she's gonna try to knock it down yes but so guys if you

2:25 join us during the live chat let us uh hear what your thoughts are like I said we're not going to spoil anything we're

2:30 going to get in spoilers uh for this movie a little I'll do that later I give it to people time to watch it but right

2:35 now we're just going to give your overall thoughts babe you said on the way home you said you what did your

2:42 thoughts in comparison to the first so as we discussed I think the last time

2:49 um I am probably one of the lone people that is not the biggest fan of the of

2:55 the first one it was I didn't hate it what do they call it Dances with Wolves in space I didn't hate it I just didn't like it

3:03 all that much it was very I will say that

3:08 I felt this one was much better than the first one like as far as with pacing or the just

3:16 oh it's just better I think better all around a better storyline better action

3:24 that the family Dynamic make it more interesting this time around the fact that there was more Stakes with the with

3:29 with maybe that was some of it um it just it just flowed better

3:37 did you feel the three hours I did but that was Pro possibly

3:45 so I will warn any of those out there that have any vertigo issues any

3:52 anxiety issues if you don't ride roller coaster rides well

3:58 don't don't go see this in 3D see it regular because um I did very very well for the probably

4:05 two hours and that lasts 45 minutes to an hour the 3D started the kitchen

4:12 yeah my my brain could not handle it anymore and I was very nauseated and

4:18 dizzy and I had a headache um it's very it's very realistic so if you have issues with that don't don't do

4:25 the 3D obviously James Cameron did better this time around with the the

4:30 graphics the the 10-year 12-year weight that it took to get this movie out while

4:36 he's perfecting the water effects the the CGI and and the real the real uh

4:45 water um under CGI underwater that he did it was extremely real I mean I don't know

4:51 it was done in water I don't know how the regular version looks

4:58 um but the 3D was felt you felt like you were there yeah

5:03 you could tell that that money wasn't wasted on on the on the 10-year uh that

5:08 it took to perfect that 3D but overall

5:14 I thought the movie did it was good I was trying to learn names I'm always bad with character names in the beginning

5:20 well they I noticed just when we were trying trying to look it up

5:26 there's a very big difference in their

5:32 names and nicknames because a lot of the movie we're really going by nicknames

5:38 but when you're looking in the cast of characters they're listing out their birth name which no one's really calling

5:46 them by those names so it was very hard for me to match up without pictures to to know who are we

5:54 talking about yeah right now but so on the drive home we were able to look up the character names and the

6:02 actors and and piece them together there were some actors that I could I could I know we've seen them before in other

6:08 things and there were some that were new to us and then there was some that I I

6:14 heard of leading into it so I I knew uh some were for those familiar voices uh

6:21 and whatnot so just go starting off the bat with our with our star what our our main star uh

6:30 Sam Worthington who played Jake Sully my Jake what did you think about his uh him

6:37 leading this one uh as he that just doesn't in comparison to what he did last time around

6:42 being a father to me this time you're really suiting this his characters um oh yeah he did

6:49 that the 10 years that that uh of the of the development of him uh leading not

6:55 only a tribe but but being uh but raising a family with uh Zoe and uh

7:04 I thought it suited him uh much better yeah maturity he did I mean he he was he

7:09 was the leader and of course that passion that

7:17 that is always uh that Zoe Saldana uh brought last time she did it again she

7:23 is the epitome of Mama Bear yeah F around and find out yeah F around and

7:29 find out you will get it that is that is yeah she embodied that 100

7:36 she really brings that passion out that that that pain in her voice when uh like on

7:43 part one when she felt betrayed and that that straining that she does with her voice that was a couple of scenes where

7:48 she kind of did it again but this time as like you said the mama bear uh of her came out and it was um so her acting in

7:56 a lot of a lot of scenes she that it reminded that that Sigourney Weaver

8:03 aliens get away from her you [ __ ] kind of moments like she like she you could tell

8:09 that I wonder if she on set took some I mean to be honest there were there were

8:16 quite a few scenes that it's like [ __ ] badass Than Jake

8:21 she will because she she's been fighting in that that on that planet for a whole

8:26 lot man but she will oh she will take you down those spoilers there was and there was a scene like that uh when when

8:33 uh that Earthling male um you know uh I guess we can call it

8:40 was it chauvinistic kind of a moment uh kind of kicked in where him and her kind of looked like oh

8:47 like it was a moment where I looked at you and I was like oh I know that's not

8:53 gonna go over well with her character uh like not to say much but like you don't speak for any especially you know

9:00 uh her as a black woman too he's like don't don't be talking over me don't be don't be cutting me off kind of uh I was

9:07 like I look right at y'all like ooh that's not gonna go over well it's always oh he don't play that I was I

9:13 thought I saw all Zoe there like who you talking to kind of a moment that was kind of funny but uh Zoe uh obviously it

9:21 was great now I was curious how they were going to play uh play it off bringing back Stephen Lane's character

9:26 uh Colonel Miles uh courage and of course you know like you know

9:35 um we saw in in part one where Jake was documenting

9:43 what he was doing video doing video documentaries and not only were they able to

9:52 uh now spoilers like if I don't I don't know so a lot of people don't like like to try to go in completely fresh

9:59 but just how the same technology for activating an avatar with your mind this

10:05 time it was a full download um now there's been cloning movies that

10:12 have been done back in the day where um uh what was that there was a a Arnold Schwarzenegger

10:20 movie where the villain uh when when you die you get replaced by a clone

10:26 [Music] um and there was the villain his clone uh he was shot he was more mortally wounded

10:33 and and he brought and he activated a clone downloaded his memories from that moment to um to activate a clone and as

10:41 he was dying and the Clone was trying to get his clothes off of him and the guy the original guy was like aren't you gonna wait for me to die and the Clone

10:47 was like would you like like it was it was kind of like a certain like a moment like that so

10:52 the moment before the colonel died in part one he obviously they got his

10:58 memories and they activated uh a clone a clone uh Avatar clone uh in in this

11:05 movie in way of water so maybe more of a if if anything's to happen to me you're

11:10 to continue as me pretty much your stereotypical murka douchebag yeah that

11:17 was that was a lot of merka moments uh in this in this one where in part one

11:23 the military that came through was very it felt like

11:29 um a future a diverse future black white uh there was Hispanic military people

11:36 out there this time it just felt like if there was any message that were I'm sure

11:42 there's Geeks and gamer [ __ ] would be like forced and all that being mad that that although uh all the white

11:48 people would be the ones being made out to be the villains that would be probably what they're going to talk about how all the military people all of

11:55 them like 99.9 of them were all they look like

12:02 just there were they were all they were white and they were they just it just felt like a it felt like a rally like a

12:08 like America rally it just I'll just put it like that that's all I'll say because I was actually looking I was like where

12:14 are where are the other humans where are the black people where are the Hispanic people where did this it was it was all

12:20 American people then you have your subset after that of you even you said if you try of your two

12:26 tribes yeah so they're they're different it felt I mean they're Navi people but

12:33 they're different tribes so they don't look exactly the

12:38 same yeah and so one's picking on the other like y'all y'all are y'all are weirdos y'all the water tribe was like

12:44 they reminded me of what we talk about they look like a small one the Samoan uh

12:49 tribes uh or here uh um and then part one the the Nabi from

12:57 the force they were like Native Americans the the very beginning of the movie felt very just to be stereotypical

13:03 felt very Cowboys and Indians a Cowboy is a native american-ish to me because there was a those uh spoiler again it

13:10 was a train situation that's all I'll say that's a there was a moment like that and it felt very we got a lot of

13:16 like subset Subs because you know you have the two tribes the water and the forest

13:22 who are like y'all you know we all are weird looking and then to add more into

13:28 it it's and on top of y'all are their skin colors were different you're on top of y'all being forced people and look

13:35 weird y'all are also mixed yeah you're not yeah and you've been mixing with the

13:41 sky demons over there in the forest man yeah yes

13:47 yeah y'all force people have been have been half breeding with these uh it felt like an episode of The Boondocks get out

13:54 of here you little mixed breed girl like I was like Uncle Ruckus was really when I had a field day with this episode and

14:00 the uh like the little the little uh half black half uh White a little girl asking for advice from Uncle Rucker it's

14:06 called a little mixed breed that's what he kept I was like wow wow so

14:11 an avatar one the coloring of the forest tribe people were lighter than it was in this they

14:18 were they all of them were darker they darkened they're blue skin in comparison

14:25 to part one and water people really show the light the the baby blue skin

14:32 the water people are very s oceans oh clean ocean clean ocean uh clear blue

14:40 skin coloring yeah seafoam green color

14:45 reminding me of Moana they're like you know there's a line in the sky where it

14:50 meets the sea and it caught I mean I was I was thinking about Moana some of the times we were watching this I was I was

14:56 very impressed on on it so I wasn't too thrown off when they when I know I could when I thought about it and I my brain

15:02 adjusted quickly I'm like the the navi the four snobby people are way darker now than they were in comparison in part

15:09 one but but then it was fine I I got over it uh fast well I mean and they're just different in general because

15:15 just saying at as animals adapt these are water people so their feet are

15:22 different shaped their tails are different shapes because they're water yeah they live in the water versus the

15:28 forests who are swinging from trees so their legs and feet and are there

15:34 not big differences but differences and they and it called out

15:41 if I remember correctly doesn't that planet have does it have two suns or or that's a moon or a moon kind of a planet

15:47 there's another so I mean I know they kept talking about eclipses eclipses and stuff would something like that that

15:53 kept happy never brought up really on the first movie and it happened

15:58 a couple it was brought up I'll just say it like that it was brought up a couple times throughout three acts of this

16:05 movie act one two and three that's all I'll go that's all as far as I'll go

16:11 um but moving on from from Stephen uh but Stephen he he crushed it I mean his

16:18 character in this movie was like I said a clone Avatar bringing a resurrecting

16:23 from the point before his death in part one um but he was supposed to be stronger

16:30 younger and you know they they tried to take a new strategy I have a prediction like if this makes it to the fifth movie

16:37 I have a I have a prediction that that uh if if it's this version of

16:44 them or maybe they'll clone them a couple times I don't know I feel like you've already turned yourself into an IV and whatnot so what if what if he

16:50 learns the planet and actually he switches sides Darth Vader switch

16:56 at the end I feel like a Darth Vader moment is going to happen that's just my one of my prediction

17:02 um what's the next character we want to talk about after after that I didn't I

17:08 was not I was I didn't catch that this was Kate Winslet the equivalent of

17:15 um of Zoe's mom character from part one she was the queen of the water tribe

17:21 people and uh Kate Winslet played Renault I didn't I couldn't tell I thought I

17:28 thought it was a black woman or or a a Somalian woman playing her

17:36 but it when I would when you said it was Kate winless Wednesday it made since Titanic James Cameron so I was like so I

17:42 was okay that's fine that's fine um I'm sure people are going to be upset

17:47 but I'm sure people are going to understand James Cameron okay I did see him

17:53 little clip where she said she had to hold her breath for seven minutes and the water

17:58 it's possible you can do it you can train yourself she said I thought I died yeah the record the record is longer

18:05 than that she said I I didn't did I die yeah but I think I I

18:12 she was just as tough as always uh so Donna's character uh oh yeah she was

18:19 the one I mean you know Mama be another Mama but the least to be accepting her husband

18:28 was more like yeah sure even even like even Jake was

18:34 like well you know the husband I've met him before he cool that's not who we got to convince you know oh dude here come

18:40 Kate and she was uh was it his name is Jake

18:47 right Jake Sully so she's probably upset because in the last movie she did with James Cameron she had she lost the Jack

18:53 she's not trying to lose she's not trying to work with Jake she misses Jack so but she was tough man I mean it was

19:01 just like another situation where um well the husband was trying to talk for

19:06 and he's like I think you should stay behind I think you I know I think I'm going you better leave you better move out the way it was funny so yeah Kate

19:13 Winslet I I enjoyed her very very much and I didn't know it was her so I was

19:18 very surprised when you when you told me that that was her um uh

19:24 Jake's oldest son played by Jamie uh flatters uh is it

19:32 Nathan Young

19:37 oh he is basically the Warrior Man The Chosen One Chosen One because he's the

19:43 oldest yeah you got to look out for your little brother just like a just like a dad'll do so and he's make sure you'll

19:49 take care of your sister and your brother make sure nobody gets in trouble it's you know the the good one yeah it's

19:57 easily influenced by his brother come on man we can't let them talk to us like that God Sully's gotta stick together

20:03 kind of thing you know it was it was it was a good brother uh uh he was a good

20:09 big brother he was he played he played it real good and uh and the the next his younger brother

20:15 next in line uh was played by uh Britain uh Dalton

20:21 Loki loak he's like basically he thought he looked

20:27 for me I I want I'm trying I'm gonna look up what I've seen him in but I'm probably thinking of another actor like

20:32 the black sheep yeah can't do can't do anything right Can't Get Right I just

20:38 want that it's always getting yelled at yeah it it it got wet and wild that's

20:45 that's the boy that if there was one person that made it wet and slippery that was his ass slipping into trouble all the damn time

20:50 throughout the movie boy you got to keep an eye on him and uh but but he kept it

20:56 interesting I I loved it um and I'll skip I'll skip uh past I'll

21:01 remind me to go back because the girl that he kept getting uh getting his uh

21:07 kept his heart uh racing our girl from uh from Interview with a

21:13 Vampire uh Bailey Bass when the moment she came out the water

21:18 you know they saw that hair falling it was like and that water was

21:26 glistening all remember when we when I first came to your tribe and you was in the water and then you bring the

21:32 equivalent of the um Fast Times at Ridgemont High and the girl that comes out of the water in her

21:39 bikini yeah the couple nip slip a little bit out of that ocean that's the yeah you

21:45 think of the Fast Times Ridgemont High I'm thinking about Martin Lawrence to stand up what are you talking about when

21:50 you got into the pool people thought you had a little Indian in your blood because you had that little hair come down and that water was glistening all

21:58 over your body and his friend was like what the hell are you trying to say man water was glistening all over your body

22:07 that's how he looked that's how he felt and that's the look that she gave him too like what are you looking at me like that for and he and then he was all like

22:14 smitten with her like that he kept looking at her like a creep I throw out the whole movie giving them

22:20 those uh those water glistening all over your body eyes and she trying to play it cool

22:25 she's like look so we had to say it was the same moment that Jake and his wife

22:31 did in part one that was that was the new that's the new couple so that was uh

22:38 that was cool so it took it and it and obviously the boys of the tri of the two

22:43 tribes were the ones that were button head yeah the girls I was standing by

22:49 laughing at them and or like complaining what are y'all doing you know Dad's gonna dad's gonna be upset but obviously

22:56 the boys they're very territorial so so it's it uh that bullying kind of took

23:01 place and that made it interesting uh as well going back very cute

23:07 Trinity Bliss who played is how do you pronounce it but they called her basically like it

23:15 sounded like they were saying Duke but I guess it was two yeah two

23:20 she was so cute adorable that's the way she played it was was very very cute and

23:26 of course she's the the baby that's the one that you better be make sure that don't get hurt even though she's the

23:33 baby she has to follow you everywhere she gonna tell but then that means you

23:38 also have to keep an eye on her because she's everywhere yeah we got some kids like that

23:44 I suppose yeah so we bonded with her real fast too but it wasn't was it

23:49 no it wasn't her that he kept that he uh um that he called baby girl he called that to Sigourney Weaver's new character

23:57 uh kiary and uh he called her baby girl yeah she even though she was kind of

24:03 adopted not really a Sully but but part of the family sister I don't have a

24:08 picture of but you know you guys know what Sigourney Weaver looks like but she was very special and and that connection

24:14 they with her with the with sigourney's character from part one into in her

24:20 character her mother daughter character that she played her own daughter in part two I'm

24:26 saying very good of the connection I don't know that it's a spoiler but I don't because they don't really fully address

24:33 it in the movie either what the the connections

24:41 powers she has a deeper connection you see and everybody's kind

24:47 of like are we all seeing the same yeah she manifested but no one actually

24:52 speaks on it and I and I wonder if it's because because it seemed you

25:00 you would part one Zoe Saldana's character was able to request help

25:06 from forest animals and then at the end they came so

25:12 that was a that was her asking the planet for help

25:18 and that we almost had a similar situation in this movie as well but uh in a different way not a request but a

25:26 command kind of a thing so that's all I'll say about that um so not to not spoil it we you also

25:34 don't have one then another character on there either what's the name

25:39 um the white the husband of this is the chief of the chief of the water tribe

25:45 Cliff Curtis Kate Winslet's husband

25:51 [Music] no of course it's very traditional Samoan type tattoos yeah

26:00 I'm surprised uh Vin Diesel has casted this movie you would have thought the rock would have been somewhere in the

26:05 background I would not have been surprised if the rock or Roman Reigns would have been somewhere in there but he played a great leader great chief he

26:12 seemed him and Jake got along they were easy going they were dads they could they they understood each other

26:19 but there was they were dads both married to strong wives and they were

26:24 like man we got to keep the old my wife and your wife will not get along at first but they they found a way to make

26:31 it work but uh hopefully uh we get to see uh more of

26:38 this character in the future I I really enjoyed his pathology we also had a fairly crucial character

26:45 in spider the human yeah

26:50 who was not mentioned in part one but they explained it when the first five ten minutes of the movie

26:57 there was another guy a character another human character named spider and I don't know if this is why maybe

27:04 it's on IMDb I don't know if it's a spoiler but who was spider well it it said that he wasn't an infant

27:12 at the end of the first one and that infants cannot be cryogenically sent

27:20 back to Earth so he had no choice but to stay

27:27 even though he's human he feels that he's just like this he's

27:33 just as not being he knows the language he hangs around with them all the time I think they equated him to a stray cat

27:39 yeah a couple times funny but yeah he just kind of got

27:45 adopted sort of as yeah I won't tell you who he who is who he really he's a token

27:51 family member yeah they call him a cousin I think they call him kind of good but over overall

27:57 enjoyed it more than I can I don't see it like I said I don't

28:03 see it doing better than um than the first avatar because for all

28:09 those reasons why I said um we don't have as many theaters out uh coven knocked out a lot of theaters out

28:15 out this is a three hour movie so it's longer than the first one so it's it's

28:20 the the the the re-watch ability of this

28:27 I I could see it for the first one me personally I didn't need it to be

28:33 that long yeah that's going to be a problem where but James Cameron is known for his very

28:40 lengthy so don't don't don't doubt James Cameron but part one was rewatchable and

28:45 they build and he gained but I don't see that this time around

28:50 well I'd rewatch this before I'd re-watch that I see people well part one people rewatched it five ten times this

28:58 one two times will be the max so it's not so this this beating the

29:04 first one financially is not going to be the litmus test this is going to be a successful movie and on the way home I

29:09 amended myself where I said between 1 billion 1.5 billion I'm now amending that to 1.1 to 1.6 that's as far as I'm

29:17 gonna go but overall action wise oh man they really kicked a

29:23 lot of ass this time around it was getting wet but you enjoyed the action the better this time yeah it was I

29:30 thought it was better than the first one laughs

29:36 trouble making trouble making teachers in the background I have to show him way

29:42 but that's the review guys uh appreciate you for taking the time of the watch us

29:48 talk a little bit about this movie I'm gonna post this up on the podcast and on the

29:56 let's see did I get that uh uh in there so if you guys want to find us on the podcast or just all of our links I'll

30:03 I'll throw this up uh right now to a full mess uh on it so uh when we do our

30:08 reviews every time we talk reviews make sure to hit us up during you can talk to us during the live show or even after if

30:15 you're watching this live uh you can talk to us live on the chat uh but we're about to sign off in a few minutes but

30:20 afterwards if you if still want to get into the comments section uh you can find us uh on YouTube we or or on our

30:28 social media so when we do reviews definitely always share your your

30:33 thoughts and and tell us what you guys think look for us or look for our link

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30:44 support the show our wish list we're on IMDb we're on Tick Tock Instagram and uh

30:50 this is also going to be look uh posted up on our blog as well uh we're live always on Facebook

30:56 twitch and YouTube but look for our podcast as well share your thoughts on

31:01 this movie and uh or any of the other videos that you might want to watch when we do our reviews so that's the show

31:08 guys I appreciate you that we're doing a quick little Tuesday uh special rundown

31:14 of the Avatar way of water I enjoyed it uh my wife Joy after you said you

31:20 enjoyed it as well yeah and uh overall yeah go watch it go support it and um

31:26 but let us know what you guys think about whether or not if you thought it was uh where was the wokeness at well you guys

31:33 will always think that people are things that awoke or if you're not like those guys let's talk about the actual movies but if you want to focus whether you

31:40 want to focus on the what was woke or not I've always we talked a little bit about uh uh my predictions of what you

31:47 those guys who think everything is like uh is a message and force this and that and the other so I talked about uh that

31:53 a little bit just joking with you guys but no just overall whether visual

31:58 effects music all of that good stuff uh the plot anything you want to talk about

32:04 that after you watch this what wowed you what disappointed you um what are you expecting or hope for to

32:10 see uh in the future and what do you compare how do you compare to the uh the first one what do you think the box

32:16 office is going to land on this put that in the Box Below guys share your thoughts I appreciate you guys watching

32:21 us uh if you are on Twitch on YouTube and until next time guys have


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