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Amy Newman Joins The John Campea Show & More - Ep. 263

Our very own Amy Newman has answered the call. On the John Campea Show, Host Kris Carr was diagnosed with Covid and will be out for two weeks. John Campea received resumes for hosts to fill in and out of the hundreds he reviewed, narrowed it down to 3. 1 out of 3 was T3Media Studios host Amy Newman and she is now standing in while Kris is away. What are your thoughts about Amy Newman working on The John Campea Show?

Hollywood Reporter - Pandora has been hit with another lawsuit by a comedian accusing the streamer of shortchanging artists by neglecting to obtain the proper copyrights to stream their works — this time by Lewis Black. According to a complaint filed on Thursday in California federal court, Pandora “took and exploited his works solely to make themselves money while knowing it had no license and had not paid, and would not be paying, royalties.”

Deadline - Disneyland’s social media accounts were hacked early this morning and, for a time, contained racist and other slurs.


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