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365 DNI Is 50 Shades Meets Beauty & The Beast In An Icky Way

Good news to all of our Polish fans of kidnap erotica. 365 DNI is a Polish film based on a Polish trilogy of novels by Blanca Lipinski. So in a lot of ways, this really feels like Poland's Fifty Shades of Grey. The film is in Polish Italian and English which I guess is great because we wanted Americans to get better about reading subtitles but maybe not like this. This movie was number two trending on us Netflix at least according to my Netflix page when I viewed the film. Which is surprising for a franchise I'd never heard of. I'd never heard of these books they've never been translated to English. This film follows a young businesswoman named Laura played by Anna getting kidnapped by Massimo played by Michelle Morel who is a Sicilian mobster.

She is going to live with him for 365 days and she will hopefully fall in love with him over the course of that 365 days and if not she's free to go. It's sort of like Beauty and the Beast but icky. The cinematography is gorgeous like a sexy perfume ad. there is a lot in this movie that made me very deeply uncomfortable we set the bar nice and early in the first lines of dialogue where they're discussing sex trafficking children which is an important topic, an awful thing that happens. I don't understand why they brought this up in the first minutes of a movie that is intended to be sexy.

These two leads we're very attractive and had good chemistry. All the sex scenes were hot it was basically softcore porn which I'm not complaining about but I couldn't move past where we started, it's making me too uncomfortable and it makes me uncomfortable that someone might see this like it's a fantasy.

I guess if you love Fifty Shades of Grey or this really feels like your cup of tea or you're really getting lonely doing your little social isolation thing go for it but at the end of the day I ended up feeling a little weird that I gave Netflix my view for this because I personally cannot support idealizing blurring those lines of consent and healthy relationships.


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