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10 Halloween Movies For Wimps

I'm so excited because today we are talking about Halloween movies. I love Halloween it is my favorite time of year. I'm a huge Halloween nerd but I am also a big scared baby wimpy scary cat. I like scary movies I'm trying to ease into it but sometimes you want to get in the Halloween spirit and you do not want to wake up at a.m and have to go to the bathroom and be like why did I watch this movie. There's a monster under my bed now. if that is not just me and I think it might be not just me, I have a list of my personal favorite Halloween movies to get in the spirit of the season. if you are a little bit more on the not wanting to be the scared side of things make sure you like this video. if you enjoyed it make sure you hit that subscribe button to get more videos. if you have any questions comments concerns just drop them below we do want to hear them. this list is in no particular order it's an order that only makes sense to me so I won't try to explain it.

Number ten on our list we have the Rocky Horror Picture Show. a classic for any musical theater nerds out there might know it. Super fun movie, super campy kind of one of those movies that are on that perfect “is it so bad it's good?” “is it so good it's bad”. The answer is “yes” it is both. I highly recommend if you ever get the opportunity, not this year because nothing is happening this year but if you can go see it at midnight go see it live with an audience full of people screaming things at the screen. If you can't get to that which I know you can't this year still go to your target buy a DVD copy it's like always five dollars there and enjoy it. it is Tim Curry just doing the absolute most. I would try to explain the plot but I've seen it probably a dozen times and I'm still not entirely sure. there's a couple, there's a house, it's a spaceship, and it's great to watch.

Number nine, we have what I think should be a modern comedy classic. What We Do In The Shadows. Some people may be familiar with the FX show of the same title that is loosely based on the movie. it's sort of in the same world but a different set of characters. this is what started it all by Taika Watiti from Thor Ragnarok and Jermaine clement from the Flight of the Conchords. It's sort of a modern vampire comedy that is so smart so sharp so funny and just jokes where you're “that is just brilliant”. If you like anything like Flight of the Concord, sort of a dry sense of humor, if you like Jojo rabbit or Thor Ragnarok, you will love this movie. It is hysterical. it's a really fun take on vampires and is a really good version of a film genre that I think can start feeling a little overdone but just feels so fresh, funny, sharp, and a little Halloweeny. It is a little spooky so if you totally can't handle any jump scares, if you're a total wimp maybe have someone watch it first and vet it for you.

Number eight we have another movie of just Tim Curry doing the absolute most for us because he can and he's wonderful. we have Clue. I've had debates over whether or not Clue is a Halloween movie. I vote yes. it's a murder mystery, there are bodies everywhere, you hear that little like opening theme song, that's Halloween right there to me. drop a comment below and let me know I'm right and if you want to fight, meet me in the parking lot. Clue is such a stacked cast. I feel like I've seen this movie so many times and every time i watch it I'm just blown away by the amount of comedy genius that they've crammed into one cast. it is so fun, it is so funny, it's so quotable. “flames on the side of my face” might be the best line the funniest line in movie history. again drop me a comment to let me know that I'm right or meet me in the parking lot unless you want to quote another line from Clue. that's the other alternative. It is a masterful movie and Tim curry gives another masterful performance and just has a Tim curry double feature watch Rocky Horror; watch Clue and be blown away by just an absolute master of doing the most.

Number seven we got Hocus Pocus. this movie, I honestly feel like everyone I know grew up watching Hocus Pocus and I did not. I found it later and a lot of times with these types of movies if you didn't grow up watching them there's a definite curve of “I don't get it” I did not have that with Hocus Pocus this movie is just really fun. one of that great kind of kids movies with so many jokes that you watch and go “well that was not for a child” it was for the grown-ups. It has Bette Midler singing “I put a spell on you” perhaps the most important moment in music history. I'm gonna say it the most important moment in music history.

Moving on to my number six pick Beetlejuice. maybe one of my all-time favorite movies. I feel like it is Tim burton just at his absolute best. it's so iconic it's so fun. you know obviously Michael Keaton gives such a great performance but what I forget every time I watch this movie is how good everybody else is in it and how Michael Keaton's in just minutes of the movie. Winona Ryder, Alec Baldwin, Catherine O'Hara, and Gina Davis bringing this phenomenal movie to life, and aesthetically it is so cool. it is so Tim burton in just the best possible way. it's an absolute joy of a movie. If the banana boat scene doesn't make you happy you are dead inside but that's appropriate because it's Beetlejuice.

All right number five and this is Shawn of The Dead. Now, this is my scariest pick on the list. Same people who did the Hot Fuzz movies. This film manages to parody a genre and also be one of the best movies in the genre. I would put this up there with so many good zombie movies. It manages to hit just that perfectly. My mom, who is terrified of zombies, still enjoyed it so that's sort of my barometer of how it still made the list of being fun enough. It's still silly enough. The laughs are still there. The zombies are attacking but there's still Queen music playing so it's like okay “I'll sleep tonight, I’ll be okay”. It is one of those movies where nothing goes to waste. The jokes are so sharp and funny and everything pays off. It helps me feel like I’m not such a little wimpy baby because I enjoy this one and I think it was one of the first kinds of “scary movies” I was able to handle.

My number four pick, Over the Garden Wall. I feel like this it's actually a mini-series, so the movie is not technically correct. I had to put it on there because I feel like this is such an underrated gem of a piece of old school animation. It was on Cartoon Network I believe it is still on Hulu so if you have Hulu take the time to check it out. It's about two brothers who sort of getting lost in this fantasy woods sort of it's over the garden wall and honestly I can't say too much more without giving much away but it's just this wonderful sort of magical adventure. They go on it's not explicitly Halloween but it's super autumnal and autumn and it just feels like a big warm hug to me. There's music and the animation style is adorable. I would say just check out the first episode or two I have yet to meet someone who was not hooked so that is my little hidden gem.

ParaNorman is my number three spot. Just a beautiful movie that I don't feel got a ton of recognition when it came out. It came out the same year's Hotel Transylvania and Frankinweenie which are both really cute movies, but I would put this in as a connoisseur of children's Halloween films. Sort of a league of its own, with a loosely The Sixth Sense storyline, it's a little boy who can see the dead and talk to ghosts. It's incredibly funny and smart but also really sad in moments. It really acknowledges what a bummer of a premise that is and has some really great themes about being different and embracing diversity. It’s also about when people are scared of what makes us different, not to get preachy but as an adult I watch it and I go “There's smart stuff in here that I’m glad to be hearing” but it's also a little spooky little fun. There’s some lovely music, again kind of a warm hug of a movie, in a really unique sort of dark, interesting way. Something I think is a real hidden gem that always makes me feel like it's Halloween.

My number two spot, possibly the greatest comedy of all time, if you would ask me is Young Frankenstein. This is my favorite Mel brooks movie and that is not an easy bar to cross. If you haven't seen it, my God, do yourself a favor. If you have done yourself a favor and watch it again because again you want to talk about a movie that parodies a genre and then just becomes a beautiful, brilliant Frankenstein movie. Gene Wilder gives such a phenomenal performance and I made sure to grab the put on “the ritz” scene because that's funny, that is a comedy, and is such a delightful film to watch. Just like all the old school monster films but I will always come back to this one because it's just so funny, so smart, and everyone in it just gives an amazing comedic performance.

number one, The Nightmare Before Christmas is not even my number one all-time favorite movie it just is quintessential. I love Halloween but I’m a scared baby. This movie it's what we always had. There's a reason every girl you knew in high school who was kind of goth but couldn't fully commit had a bunch of Jack Skellington stuff. Was that just me? I’d like to think not. I don't have to sell you on this one right it's Nightmare Before Christmas. It is again just Tim burton you watch and you go “oh right this is why everyone loves Tim Burton” and I’ll just ignore that terrible Charlie Chocolate Factory movie. It's delightful; the music holds up and the animation style you got to just respect how much work goes into that Claymation. Also ParaNorman another Claymation that always just blows my mind. I have no patience and the idea when you really stop and think about how they have made these characters come to life is just mind-blowing. This movie is aesthetically phenomenal Danny Elfman, talk about just going hard for us. Thank you for the score Danny we appreciate you.

Those are my Halloween movies for wimps. I know I missed some it was so hard to cut this down to. So let me know in the comments which of your favorites I missed. Shout out to Halloween town and the Addams Family and all those movies that couldn't make the top because is a hard number to cut down to. So let me know what your favorites are let me know what your favorite scary Halloween movies are.


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