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The Flash Movie Review

We enjoyed every moment of The Flash.

Ezra Miller, who gave the best performance of his career as The Flash. They were charming and emotional, there was never a moment that we did not smile or cry. Their ability to carry the movie twice over was textbook leadership in acting. Ben Affleck and Michale Keaton both owned their version of The Dark Knight. Sasha Calle brought honor to the role of Supergirl.

There were a lot of cameos and special easter eggs that make this movie one of the most special nostalgic moments in cinema history. This is definitely one of the best DC movies ever done. If you're a fan of the old DC, The DCEU, and excited about the possibilities of what DC Studios can bring us in the future. This is the film that gives something spectacular to all corners of fandom.

It's disappointing that DC is in the state it's in and that, with all that is going on behind the scenes distracting from what is one of the best films from the DCEU era. There is so much fun and excitement at every moment. The only drawback was the special effects. Even though the director is saying it was done on purpose, we believe it was due to going over budget.

For Me, A definite B Rating. This is not only a great comic book movie. It's a breath of fresh air on screen.


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