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The Banker Movie Review

The Bankers star Anthony Mackie (Bernard Garrett) and Samuel L. Jackson (Joe Morris), two black men in the 1950s who partner with a white man to bypass racism in the business of real estate in a pursuit to become America's first black Bankers.

The film starts off with the focus geared around Garrett and Morris then it begins to shift gears and becomes an up and coming story about Nicholas Hoult as Matt Steiner. Till it then becomes a story about Steiner featuring his friends Garrett and Morris.

Still, it's a story about the picture of the American dream, the American risk and who American chooses to reward.

This movie was important to me in many ways. I'm a black man living in Conroe Texas where Garrett was from, I'm also a real estate broker and business owner. Times have changed many things but this film is a reminder for people of all ages and colors to stay informed of where wealth in this country really came from and how hard it was and still is for many to obtain a piece of the American Dream.

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